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Alicia Dufour

Alicia Dufour

Alicia is an actress and singer/songwriter.

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Return to Me Cover
  • Return to Me
  • Pop, Folk
  • Alicia Dufour
  • 07/01/2012
  • Return to Me
Liner Notes: Lyrics and vocals by Alicia Dufour / Vocal Recording by Adrien Gomez / Engineered, Mixed and Produced by Jeremy Michael www.JeremyMichaelOnline.com / This song was written after being asked by a director friend with Twitchy Dolphin Flix if I had anything about "love lost." I wrote this song in about 15 mintues while driving to work. My dear friend Jeremy Michael produced the song over the web. We emailed back and forth recording vocals locally and sending sample tracks until we both were happy with the final mix.
  1. Return to Me