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Artist Profile

Arpa D.

Arpa D.

Italy - U.S.A.

ARPA DAVIDE (ARPA D.) is a multi author of Modern Music;after studying piano at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Turin, he has deepened his musical studies in the field of contemporary music studying voice and guitar with important music and vocal teachers in Como and Milano. Up to 2005 he was singer coover animation with the group of Endebora (www.endebora.com) performing in different places and locals in northern Italy and Switzerland. He is the author of the CD "Pats even" produced in 2005 and of the collection "Sound Track All Around Us" produced in italian language in 2009 by the label D.r.Sound (D.R.S.) that is currently distributed and sold through Europe and Worldwide. Multiple are the collaborations with internationally renowned artists as we can see on www.myspace.com/davidearpa . He is owner and artistic director of a center for the teaching of Modern Music, the Association&Art Center Professional (C.P.A.) and owner of a Study of Civil Mediation for the protection of the musical and artistic copyrights. Arpa D.( A.r.p.a&D.) is also an acronym under which have always played together four friends teachers of modern music and session musicians of international renown : Davide Arpa, author, teacher of acustic guitar, keyboards and singing , Beppe Pini, teacher guitars, Diego Corradin, drum teacher, and Fabio Maggioni electric bass teacher . The four friends are all met in a modern music school in Como about 10 years ago. Since then they have always worked together playing all songs signed Arpa D.(A.r.p.a.&D.) Pini, Corradin and Maggioni are also among the most good musicians of the international music scene and winners of numerous competitions and music festivals.