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Asia Dae

Asia Dae

Asia Dae is a soulful female vocalist. Her vocal style is reminiscent of classic rhythm and blues, however her works cannot be defined holistically by any one genre. She is based in the Unites States, CA. Send booking requests and general inquiries to:


A note from the artist:

Hello. I'm Asia Dae. I'm nineteen years old and I'm based in the United States, California to be specific. I am passionate about music. It is the one thing that has remained the gleam of light in my life though hard pressed and beautiful times. Singing is what I live for, and through my lyrics I tell the stories of my life that otherwise may never be heard. I have been singing pretty much since I could talk and I recently began producing and making instrumentals.

All I really want is to be heard, because I know someone out there will understand exactly what I am singing about. To make music that people can really connect with, music that reminds them of an important moment in their life, or gives them a bit of hope, or music that simply makes people smile, is my goal. Song is the love of my life. I want to share this love I've found with the world.

I am guided by the truths that find me as life reveals itself; these truths are what make the strokes on blank canvas, and I am but their muse. They shape me as they will to be a representation of one life here; one life, encompassing the moments that make up the lives of so many others who came before me, and are to come.

If you have a story that you’d like to share with me to inspire musical interpretations, I would love to hear it. You can contact me at : asiadaecannon@gmail.com to share artistic input, inquire about collaborations, or simply just to have a word.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and to listen to my music. I could never express how much your time is truly appreciated. You are becoming a part of my happiness, and I hope I as well have become at least a small part of yours.

One Truth, One Love, Always

Asia Dae


Honey I'd Cover
  • Honey I'd
  • R&B/Soul, Blues
  • Asia Dae
  • 02/25/2013
  • Honey I'd
  1. Honey I'd