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Artist Profile

Asmodee (French Prog Black-Metal)

Asmodee (French Prog Black-Metal)

Created in 1998, Asmodée offers an unique mix between fast Thrash/Death-metal and hateful cold Black-metal with some interest to such diverse fields as progressive rock, avant-garde metal or contemporary music.

Until the "Steppenwolf", in the sense Herman Hesse meant it, unfolds its true nature...

By now, Asmodée have issued 3 full-length albums, thoroughly illustrating their uncompromising will to part from the ambient tendency to praise facility and follow the beaten tracks.

After the “Black Drop Journey” 7’EP release through Mankind’s Demise Records in 2007, “Chlorosis”, the third full-length album, has been released early 2009 through Great Dane Records label/Season Of Mist and C&des Distribution :

"(...) A number of things are immediately striking to the listener : good production despite the overall black metal feel, a highly technical approach to composition, inherent violence and brutality, great use of atonal riffing and dissonance and occasional bizarre sounding piano chromatics amidst the chaos."


The band is working on a fourth full-length album.

Once again, expect no common brutality...