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Big Cock™ - The Hardest Band in the Land™

Big Cock™ - The Hardest Band in the Land™

Big Cock™ - The Hardest Band in the Land™ is vocalist Robert Mason (Lynch Mob, Cry of Love, Warrant), guitarist Dave Henzerling (King Kobra, Keel, Lizzy Borden), drummer John Covington and bassist Colby. 80's-style hard rock in the vein of Van Halen, AC/DC and Guns N' Roses. Produced by Dave Henzerling.

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Big Cock Cover
  • Big Cock
  • Rock
  • Big Cock
  • 07/04/2006
  • Big Cock
Liner Notes: Robert Mason - Vocals, BMF David Henzerling - Guitars, Vocals John Covington - Drums, Percussion Colby - Bass Produced by David Henzerling Engineered by Steve Ouimette Mixed by Ryan Greene at Crush Recording Studios, Scottsdale, AZ Mastered by Brad Vance at Red Mastering, Newbury Park, CA All songs arranged by David Henzerling and John Covington
  1. Second Coming
  2. Fucked Up!
  3. Real Man
  4. Ride on Me
  5. Rock Hard
  6. She's a Lady
  7. So Easy Bein' Me
  8. Every Inch of My Love
  9. Dirty Girl
  10. Scottsdale Girls
  11. Get Me Up
  12. Take Me
  13. Booze & My Baby
  14. Let's Make Love
Motherload Cover
  • Motherload
  • Rock
  • Big Cock
  • 02/05/2008
  • Motherload
Liner Notes: Big Cock, the self-proclaimed “Hardest Band in the Land!” follows up 2005’s debut CD “Year of the Cock” and 2006’s sophomore “Big C**k” with a sonic, hard rock blast to the face - “MotherLoad”. MotherLoad makes it clear that Big Cock considers themselves the heir-apparent to the rock & roll throne, reverently treading in the footsteps of classic rock bands such as AC/DC, Montrose, Van Halen and Guns N’ Roses - and they aim to save rock & roll one arena at a time. A tall order and an arrogant proclamation, but Big Cock clearly fills an aural void left vacant of late. MotherLoad, the band’s third full-length CD is a satisfying dose of hard rock served up loud, hot and sticky by the same line-up that’s been unapologetically delivering what BC has come to be known for – powerful, melodic music laced with fun, swagger, great playing, and expert showmanship. MotherLoad is blatant truth in advertising and everything you might expect from a band of rock stars called Big Cock. Pulling no punches, vocalist and lead loud-mouth Robert Mason, BMF (formerly the front man for Elektra records’ Lynch Mob and Sony’s Cry of Love) breaks the ice with “Get a load of Me”, a raucous city-to-city romp through groupie-filled back-stages and endless throngs of adoring fans. Track two is a thundering, drum-heavy Zeppelin-esque homage aptly-titled “Stamina” and drummer John Covington has it – pummeling the song with the braggadocio of his 48” (gong), ear-splitting cymbal crashes, and giant, vintage Leedy drum kit. There’s no subtlety to his earned-nickname “The Pulverizer”. The bombastic “Breaking My Balls” continues with an infectious, dirty groove that is guaranteed to keep heads banging and clenched fists pumping– spewing raw energy you can taste and smell. By the time “Bump and Grind” climaxes, you’re covered in enough nicotine, cheap perfume and the sour sweat of your favorite exotic dancer that you’re feeling guilty and begging for a shower. “Road to Ruin” puts you on the Big Cock tour bus where guitar hero Dave Henzerling injects blood and emotion (among other things) into the track with a signature, riff-laden style honed during his 80’s days with bands such as L.A.’s Keel, Lizzy Borden and Capitol Records’ King Kobra. “Slave” follows as a window into the darkness of the band’s not-so-private sex-dungeon where cock-sure Mason is happy to show a willing accomplice “the ropes”. On the sensitive side, Big Cock delivers a classic power ballad on MotherLoad’s “Don’t Ask Me to be Faithful”, taunting love-struck rockers everywhere to wave their cell-phones and lighters while Mason not-so-innocently discloses his philandering ways with a crooning vocal and piano delivery that could bring a tear to Elton John’s eye. If radio still had balls this tune would sweep the air waves as the soundtrack for a million teenage heartbreaks. Colby’s thundering bass lays it down long and low on the sing-along anthem “Live to Rock” and you can literally feel the testosterone flow like a raging river on “M.I.L.F.”, a loving tribute to every hot mom you’ve ever lusted after. The laid back swing of “Feverish” sets up the CD’s coup de grâce, “Built for Speed”, a slamming rocker tooled for every NASCAR junkie who’s ever dreamed of barreling down the Daytona Speedway at 200 mph with two lingerie models making out in the back seat. Big Cock carries the rock-&-roll-all-night/lock-up-your-daughters banner with pride and MotherLoad may very well be the next classic hard rock record you’ll hear. BC delivers exactly what you’d expect from four guys that claim to be “The Hardest Band in the Land!” – songs about women, fast cars, hard-partying, and the trail of a thousand soiled hotel-room sheets... they’re the saviors of arena rock and they’re coming to a stadium near you.
  1. Get a Load of Me
  2. Stamina
  3. Breaking My Balls
  4. Bump and Grind
  5. Road To Ruin
  6. Slave
  7. Don't Ask Me To Be Faithful...
  8. Live To Rock
  9. M.I.L.F.
  10. Feverish
  11. Built for Speed
Got Big Cock? Cover
  • Got Big Cock?
  • Rock
  • Big Cock
  • 11/04/2008
  • Got Big Cock?
Liner Notes: The best of Big Cock's first three albums in one package with extra bonus tracks not previously available. Big Cock - The Hardest Band in the Land is vocalist Robert Mason (Lynch Mob, Cry of Love, Warrant), guitarist Dave Henzerling (King Kobra, Keel, Lizzy Borden), drummer John Covington and bassist Colby. 80's-style hard rock in the vein of Van Halen, AC/DC and Guns N' Roses. Produced by Dave Henzerling. "...Big Cock should be to hard rock what John Holmes was to adult entertainment - legendary..." - Skid, sleazeroxx.com "...arguably the best sounding cock-rock band playing today...I must simply state that I LOVE BIG COCK!" - Chris Akin, pitriff.com "...Viagra as an audio suppository would be an apropos description of the music made by the maniacs in Big Cock..." - Derric Miller, hardrockhaven.net "...After (three) outstanding releases it has become apparent to me that their writing sessions include placing lacy brassieres on their heads and flavored condoms on their fingers as they pen out lyrics that have been ribbed for your listening pleasure..." - Hairball John, hairballjohn.com
  1. Bad Motherfucker
  2. Real Man
  3. Bump and Grind
  4. Dirty Girl
  5. Get a Load of Me
  6. Breaking My Balls
  7. Ride On Me
  8. M.I.L.F.
  9. King of Cool
  10. Built for Speed
  11. Rock Hard
  12. I Want It All
  13. Hard to Swallow
  14. Fucked Up!
  15. Year of the Cock
  16. Rock 'n Roll-aholic
  17. She Loves Another Girl
  18. Don't Ask Me to Be Faithful (Vocal/Piano)...