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FAMILY SENCI | C-PROJECTS | TMJ - please find us in all major retailers with albums, demos and videos.

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FAMILY SENCI is a Music Group and also a Label, among us with T-BO BRICE, THB, C-PROJECTS, COMPANY-G, 4STARS, TMJ(Officiel), VOODOO SELEKTA (WONN NAN) and we are happy to give HOT albums.

Notre style est comme le Rap Francais mais en Creole avec du bon flow pour soutenir la bonne vibe.

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Songwriter/Composer: BLADDHA with Current Affiliation: BMI CAE/IPI #: 609100977


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C-Projects Cover
  • C-Projects
  • Hip Hop/Rap, Hip Hop/Rap
  • 06/09/2008
  • C-Projects
  1. Pile Zoboy
  2. Don't Leave
  3. Da Hood
  4. Le Mwen High
  5. Nou Libere
  6. You Don't Know Me
  7. Kafoufey Desann
  8. Me and My Nigguz
  9. Twop Pwoblem
  10. Ghetto Girl
  11. Where You From
  12. Si Yo Vle
  13. Au Revoir
Nou Libere Cover
  • Nou Libere
  • Hip Hop/Rap, R&B/Soul
  • C-projects
  • 01/01/2009
  • Nou Libere
  1. Afrika
  2. Interlude Radio
  3. Ki Yes Ou Ye
  4. Hommage a Frank Etienne
  5. Radio Interlude
  6. I Know I'm Bad
  7. Poze
  8. Suck My Lips
  9. Pou'm Di'w M'ale
  10. Nan Gou Jezi
  11. Le'm Nan Men Met Mwen
  12. Pa Banm Pwoblem
  13. M'ap Blow
  14. Papa San Travay
  15. Show Me Wut U Got
  16. Lavi La
  17. Kafoufey Desann
  18. Yon Sel Nou Ye
  19. Nou Libere
  20. Le'm Mouri
Tou Konsa Cover
  • Tou Konsa
  • Hip Hop/Rap, R&B/Soul
  • Family Senci
  • 04/01/2009
  • Tou Konsa
Liner Notes: From FAMILY SENCI, Tou Konsa is the music single from our album 25 Quartiers that is coming out this year, with C-PROJECTS already on Top, we represent the Hip-Hop movement, our Genre is Rap Creole, from Haiti and now worldwide. C'est comme le Rap Francais, mais on performe en Creole. Rap Kreyol Net Ale!!!
  1. Tou Konsa
In da Club Cover
  • In da Club
  • Hip Hop/Rap, R&B/Soul
  • Various Artists
  • 08/01/2009
  • In da Club
Liner Notes: With love and respect for the Rap Creole movement, FAMILY SENCI always on top of the game bringing you the hottest and the Hotness, Rap Creole music for the world.
  1. Pou Rap La <span class="various">by Company G</span>
  2. I Know I'm Bad (Remix) Fs.Cp... <span class="various">by Family Senci, C-projects, Squady, Movie Star, Motombo, Ray-g Mafia, Wawa, Inconnu, Worker, Bladdha, J.B</span>
  3. Nan Anus Ou <span class="various">by C-projects, Squady, Dog Boy C, Inconnu, Rap Kreyol, Rap Creole, Rap Francais</span>
  4. In da Club <span class="various">by Company G</span>
  5. Nou Refel Anko <span class="various">by Family Senci, C-projects, Kanaval, Carnaval, Carnival</span>
  6. Jou'm Vwayaje <span class="various">by 5kob Penich, Top Sanza V, Mack Dady, Ozzi</span>
  7. Ghetto <span class="various">by C-projects, Kafoufey, Carrefour-feuilles, Haiti, France, Canada, Usa</span>
  8. Pou Li <span class="various">by T M J</span>
  9. Nap Fight <span class="various">by Company G</span>
  10. M'ap Blow (Remix) <span class="various">by C-projects, Worker, Wawe, Inconnu, Nazzy, Squady, Ray-g Mafia, Movie Star</span>
  11. Where U From <span class="various">by Thb Boyz, A-kay, Nasseau, Bahamas</span>
Nou Rive (Kanaval 2010) Cover
  • Nou Rive (Kanaval 2010)
  • Hip Hop/Rap, French Pop
  • C-Projects
  • 01/18/2010
  • Nou Rive (Kanaval 2010)
Liner Notes: Haiti Music Carnival 2010 from C-PROJECTS provided by FAMILY SENCI, le Carnaval 2010, men Kanaval 2010 la.
  1. Nou Rive (Kanaval 2010)
Haiti Cover
  • Haiti
  • R&B/Soul, Hip Hop/Rap
  • T-Bo from Thb
  • 07/23/2010
  • Haiti
Liner Notes: T-BO from THB of FAMILY SENCI
  1. Haiti
Going All Out Cover
  • Going All Out
  • Hip Hop/Rap, R&B/Soul
  • T-BO from THB
  • 03/01/2011
  • Going All Out
Liner Notes: THB...means True Haitian Boyz...with A-KAY, T-BO and Cheese locate in the Bahamas...new mini album.
  1. Glad To Know Ya
  2. Going All Out
  3. Think I'm In Love
Si'w Vle Rive Cover
  • Si'w Vle Rive
  • Hip Hop/Rap, French Pop
  • Tmj
  • 08/13/2011
  • Si'w Vle Rive
Liner Notes: TMJ is the Youngest group in the RAP CREOLE Industry provided by FAMILY SENCI, now out worldwide to entertain and happy to give the hottest single..Follow more on iTunes Ping, Facebook and Twitter @FAMILYSENCI, @TMJ, @BLADDHA.
  1. Si'w Vle Rive
Oui Nou Fort Cover
  • Oui Nou Fort
  • Hip Hop/Rap, French Pop
  • Tmj
  • 08/05/2013
  • Oui Nou Fort
  1. Oui Nou Fort