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Brevard Busking Coalition

Brevard Busking Coalition

Wildly percussive original acoustic music. Some have likened us to an "audio happy pill". Imagine death metal played on acoustic instruments. We sound nothing like that... well maybe just a little bit.


Introducing Oranga Tanga

We began our journey as Brevard Busking Coalition near the end of 2008, six long-time friends who happened to be musicians and had never tried playing together as a band. Five years and almost 150 shows later, we find ourselves enjoying success far beyond anything we could have expected from a half-dozen musical weirdos who just wanted to see what it would sound like, and for this we thank all of our friends and fans.

As some of you know, brYan Tilford, one of our members, passed away in 2014, leaving five survivors and countless people heartbroken. Our continuing efforts were never in doubt; we're still five brothers in sound, marveling along with our audience at the noise we make, even though it has changed with brYan's absence. We can still hear his voice ghosting in our harmonies, and his melodic flourishes in our arrangements, but we continue to grow and adapt, as we've done for the last five years. Every band is a novel in constant progress. To honor brYan's contribution, we've decided to end the chapter on Brevard Busking Coalition, and begin a new one with a new name — Oranga Tanga.

We will preserve this Facebook page and all of our BBC internet artifacts as a historical record, and as a place where newly discovered artifacts from this era are placed, but we invite all of you to join us in this new project. A link to our new Facebook page appears below, and from there you can discover our new website and what we're up to in 2015 and beyond. Thank you all for your support, and we hope to see you at a show soon!



Last Night at the Old Hotel Cover
  • Last Night at the Old Hotel
  • World, Alternative
  • Brevard Busking Coalition
  • 08/02/2014
  • Last Night at the Old Hotel
  1. Thomas Rex
  2. Bug in My Car
  3. Egghead Salad
  4. He Said She Heard
  5. The Mount
  6. Come Down from the Clouds
  7. Prayers and Lies
  8. God Didn't Do It
  9. James Nachtwey
  10. Someone's Floating
  11. Think About It