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Brotherhood Experience

Brotherhood Experience

It is written that we will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us and that we would be Christ's witnesses here on earth. Brotherhood Experience is evidence of one that answers the call.

"I bring the Good News, the Gospel of Christ, the word of God to the open mic" says John Jr. in "TAKE NOTES" regarding the mission behind the music.

Raised in a Christian home, turning away from the faith at age 14, returning to Christ 20 years later, the testimonies of God's goodness are detailed throughout the experiences of this brother.

Delivered from a life of "sex, money, and drugs", the message is consistent: All things can be done through Christ Jesus who strengthens us and that without God man is nothing.

Delivered from cocaine dealing/ abuse, absentee parenting, a criminal mind state, and a promiscuous life style, a message of hope for the hopeless resonates throughout the Brotherhood Experience