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Hi, I'm Carlo. Welcome to C.d.P.'s Tunecore.com space..if you wanna jump to the facts use the player below and let it blow.

I've been drumming around in bands since 1994 and producing tunes as C.d.P. since 1999. Lately I'm focused on bringing back DA FUNK, played and/or sequenced, jammed, pre-composed and improvised. It's filled with all kinds of ultrapersonal influences, so maybe it wont sound funky at all...but I'll let you decide that.

First tracks will have an "electro" edge, mostly sequenced. Later (last quarter of 2010, maybe) I'll put for sale the album I'm working on, which is made of strictly-played garagefunk, drums, electric bass and keyboards.

If you wanna hear some other grooves from C.d.P. and related projects check those links: www.myspace.com/pluggotic www.myspace.com/steamheated www.myspace.com/badavoodoo www.soundclick.com/thetreeo