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Artist Profile


Chaz McKinney

Chaz McKinney is a Stadium powered, Grunge Pop band from Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Formed as the brainchild of frontman Chaz McKinney & lead guitarist/producer John Anderson, the band was formed in late 2007 from the ashes of 80’s and 90’s underground chart-toppers such as Almost Noah, Pod, FreeFall and Arc Angel. Chaz McKinney began recording their debut album 'The Notebook EP' in early 2008, and released it on July 25th, 2008 to generous reviews and plentiful rotation on the popular online-radio network, IndieLife Radio.

The band has been called a prolific blend of the youthfulness of bands such as Fall Out Boy and All-American Rejects with the maturity and nostalgia of bands like Van Halen and Guns N’ Roses.

The angst-filled quartet is comprised of four equally important bursts of power, all of which have had their own successful endeavors in the Kentuckiana Alt-Rock scene somewhere within the last decade. Each of the members seem to all have there own position in the foreground of the bands sound, with no member being singled out as the heart of this radio-ready machine. The rhythm section is filled by the powerful, chest-pounding outbursts of Bassist – as well as bassist for the popular Louisville/Indiana act Speed Of Sound – Kevin Garr coupled with the intense, skin-breaking, Prog-metal drum beats supplied by none other than former Purecussion poster child and singer/songwriter Ed Collins. Covering up the other half of the group’s all-star cast is the solo-driven firepower of Lead Guitarist John Anderson, previously of Louisville’s Almost Noah and the quickly-rising Comedy Metal band Boozer, who themselves have recently opened for Skid Row and Tesla. Finally, this fizzing bottle of Diet Coke and Mentos is capped off by the youthful tenor of 13-year-old lead singer, guitarist, and lyricist Chaz McKinney. McKinney’s somewhat psychotic lyric and urgently soulful voice seems to always seem to walk along the faint line he has drawn between desperation and insightful apathy.

McKinney himself has already written over 76 songs and played at historic venues such as Phoenix Hill Tavern, Headliner’s Music Hall, Coyote’s Bar, and 4th Street Live, establishing himself as a professional, treading the same waters as his bandmates.

The group is known to be very energetic live and have a set list comprised of songs off of their debut EP as well as songs from the album ‘Hung’ by drummer Collins’ former project Pod (not to be confused with the Christian Rap Metal group P.O.D.) as well as cover songs by the groups influences, spanning from Nirvana to Creedance Clearwater Revival.

What People Are Saying About Chaz McKinney

“The only word that I could think of after listening [to the album] was ‘prolific’. It was incredible”

- DJ Holly Sexton of 98.3 WQXE

“…musical phenom”

- The News Enterprise

Come whatever may, one thing is for sure: Chaz McKinney will never fail to surprise the lucky listener who is drawn into their melody-driven brand of pop rock. From the funkadelic opening riff of ‘Tomorrow’ – the albums opener and first single – and its communism based lyrics to the jangly acoustic-based balled of the underage, lawbreaking heroine of ‘Seventeen’ to the closing solo of the politically-driven ‘Fight To The End’, the album is one thing that one will ever regret listening to. And Chaz McKinney will keep on delivering hits until the end.