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Artist Profile

Chris Gentry

Chris Gentry

Chris Gentry

Participant since: 1982

Competitor since: 1987

Country: USA

Resides In: Houston, Tx.

D.O.B. : May 19, 1974

Age: 36

Height: 6 ft 0 

Weight: 175 lbs

Occupation: Pro Rider Skateboarding Vert / Proriders.com / Rap Artist / Producer

Quote: “We ain't here for a long time... We’re here for a goodtime”. “Ridaz Gotta Ride”

Sponsors: Proriders.com / Seven6Fifty / DUB Magazine / Dyse One Clothing / Black Fly’s / Type S Urethane / Stay Strong / Flat Fitty / Daggers For Life.

 Chris Gentry has been competing as a vert skateboarder since 1987 and is currently ranked in the elite top 10 of his discipline. He has been a leading figure in the action sports world over the last 10 years, viewed by millions in skateboard magazines such as Transworld, Thrasher, Juice and Big Brother and he’s been featured on ESPN - X Games, NBC – Gravity Games / AST Dew Tour’s, CBS - LG Action Sports World Tour, MTV Sports and Music Festival’s, VH-1 – Eminem Ultimate Albums, FOX 54321, FUEL TV – Daily Habit, Skatepark of Tampa Pro contests and most World Cup Skateboarding contests around the world since 1989, and still to this day he continues competing and Ridin on around the world.

Born in Houston, Tx. Chris started building his own ramps at 8 years old and soon became one of the top skaterboarders in the nation winning numerous amateur competitions around the country. In late 1991 Chris turned Pro and traveled on a 14 country European tour with the Vision Street Wear team ,then toured with the MTV Sports and Music Festival in 1992, and the Lollapalooza tour in 1992. He can usually be found skating at Southside Skatepark in Houston, the Block in O.C., or any where a MPC Production, Spohnranch Ramp, Dagger ramp, Rock Star ramp or Team Pain ramp is set up. He can skate anything skateable. Chris also performed on the “Matt Hoffmans Crazy Freakin Stunt Show” at Universal Studio’s in Orlando, FL. Skating over 500 shows from 2003 - 2005. In 2007, Gentry brought the Pro Riders to Fort Hood, TX. for the Pro Riders Freedom Fest, welcoming home the soldiers that fight for our freedom. 
Make us PROud.

No doubt a great skateboarder, he is also a talented rapper. Chris Gentry is also known on the Pro Rider circuit for his albums Gentry & Mr. Kane “Gangstarock” , “Sayz Who” and his latest compilation “The Ride Shop” . With songs titled “Skaters Union” , “Ink and Paper”, “Time Out” and “Riders Meeting”, he sheds light on the frustrations of action sports athletes getting “Ripped off more than a Hulk Hogan Shirt”. Chris is the founder of P.R.O. (Pro Riders Organization) the organization for the riders by the riders and he is Co-Founder of Pro Riders, Inc. proriders.tv “You Pro Ridin or you just ridin” a brand built to feed and Protect not only the riders, but the world.” We Ride for the cause”. Chris Gentry has turned motivation into Protivation, potential into Protential and the vocabulary into a Procabulary. Make us PROud. Ridaz Gotta Ride. He now resides in Houston, TX. and Costa Mesa ,CA. For more music, photo’s and video on Chris Gentry check out chrisgentry.com Ride On.