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Comiskey Productions

Are you a up and coming artist ? Are you tired of sending your demo cd all over the country and not getting any attention by Labels and A&R ? Are you tired of signing up on 10 different websites that promise you that your tracks will be heard by A&R reps and Major Labels? If you have answered yes to any of these I recommend you take 2 minutes and read whats below.

Labels ussually recieve around 50 - 100 demo cds a day. On Average about 10-15 of those will actually make it to their cd player. So lets say you get your demo cd all the way to the Labels A&Rs.They put your cd in the player and begin to listen to your demo. A&R's listen to the first 10-15 seconds of a song. If the beat doesnt grab there attention they go to the next track or sometimes even the next demo thats on their desk. I know thats not what you want to hear but its the reality, I have personally seen it happen. If you are a up and coming artist that wants to get the A&R to listen to your whole demo then buy your beats from Comiskey Productions.

All of our rap instrumentals, hip hop instrumentals, and r&b beats are made using today's industry standard equipment and software programs. The producers at Comiskey Productions use Pro Tools, MPC 500, MPC 1000, MPC 2500, MPC 2000's, MPC 4000's, Korg and Yamaha synths, Reason 4.0 , FruityLoops 8, Acid Pro 6, Cubase SX, Roland keyboards, usb midi keyboards, Cake Walk, Ableton Live, Sound Forge and numerous sound modules, vst plug-ins and samples. Our goal is to provide quality rap hip hop r&b beat instrumentals that will inspire you to write your best rhymes for the best price.

You will recieve a non-exclusive license(see below)upon purchase of album or any individual track.

Non-Exclusive Licensing Rights

Buying a non-exclusive license (”lease”) entitles you to the following:

* Right to use a song recorded over the licensed beat (the final recorded song shall be known as the “Master Recording”) for the manufacture of 2,000 commercial or for-profit albums, or the sale/exploitation of 2,000 internet downloads, in either combination.

* Right to use a Master Recording for unlimited non-commercial, non-profit use.

* Right to use a Master Recording for radio broadcasts on two radio stations.

* Right to use a Master Recording for one commercial, for-profit medium (ie movies, video games, websites) for soundtrack purposes.

* Right to use a Master Recording for unlimited non-profit performances or concerts.

Note: Non-exclusive licenses can be extended up to one additional time (total of 4000 copies, four localities of radio play, two mediums for soundtrack use) at any time, as long as the beat is still available for licensing. Non-exclusive rights will remain intact even after exclusive rights have been sold, as long as the purchase was made beforehand.