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In a former artistic career, dane was a saw blade painter and the songwriter of many well-known international chart magnets such as Baby, Now That I Found You, Waterloo and How Deep Is Your Love. After attending one too many wasted night at exclusively private celebrity parties and waking up one too many morning after next to another Samantha Fox lookalike, he decided he simply had to thank for this easy way to perpetual fame and kissed his artistic life goodbye.

Little is known about what happened next. Some spotted him in a canoe in the Borneo heartland feeding orang utans, others caught him sharing a plate of red beans and hot tacos with Linda Ronstadt in a small afternoon bar in Cancun, Mexico. The few amateur photos on the internet show his freshly maori tattooed upper arms and the extensive beard he had grown during those transfer years.

He saw his artistic urges coming back down on him in the summer of 2011 after some months spent in Baja, South California, with Scott Walker being his mental coach slash petanque mentor. Since dane only carried a laptop with him during the transfer years, hardly any acoustic instuments were used in the new recordings they did during that period. Only some cello, violin, piano and ancient French flutes that were played by Scott's beloved wife, Fiona.