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David Ingles Music

David Ingles Music

The songs of David Ingles are God's message to the world in song about the New Creation Realities available to each and every believer. These songs teach you how to receive God's best for you and your family.

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More Scripture Songs 4 Cover
  • More Scripture Songs 4
  • Christian/Gospel, Country
  • David Ingles
  • 09/03/2009
  • More Scripture Songs 4
  1. Day of Independence
  2. Father, You've Done It Again...
  3. He Is My Lord
  4. Thank You, Loving Father
  5. Life Is Big, Rich and Wonderful...
  6. Father, We Praise You
  7. Jesus Was the First One (To Ever Be Born Again)...
  8. Be Glad in the Lord
  9. There's Power in the Name/ Uncommon Laborer/ Oasis of Love Medley...
  10. (Go Back) She's Using That Name...
  11. I Sure Love You
  12. For the Eyes of the Lord
  13. El Shaddai (You're Such a Good God to Me)...
  14. Earth, Earth, Earth
Bring Me a Minstrel Cover
  • Bring Me a Minstrel
  • Christian/Gospel
  • David Ingles
  • 04/19/2011
  • Bring Me a Minstrel
Liner Notes:
  1. It's Raining
  2. Hallelujah, O Hallelujah
  3. Spirit-Filled Believer
  4. I'll Never Be the Same Again...
  5. Message from David Ingles
  6. This Could Be the Day (We Hear the Trumpet)...
  7. All Is Well
  8. Message from David Ingles
  9. A Brand New Tongue (New Version)...
  10. Here Today, Home Tomorrow
  11. Holy Ghost
  12. All That I Have Is Thine
Songs of Healing Cover
  • Songs of Healing
  • Christian/Gospel, Country
  • David Ingles
  • 09/01/2012
  • Songs of Healing
Liner Notes:
  1. Who Shall Declare His Generation...
  2. You Won't Leave Here Like You Came (In Jesus Name)...
  3. I Am the Healed of the Lord...
  4. She Laid Hold on the Word
  5. The Name of Jesus
  6. Talk
  7. The Word Is Working Mightily in Me...
  8. It Is Written (New Version)...
  9. Heavenly Flu?
  10. He Touched Her (When She Touched Him)...
  11. I Am Healed
  12. I Don't Allow Hurting
  13. Faith Says What God Says
  14. Write Your Own Ticket With God...
  15. Unchangeable Lord
  16. I'm Making Plans to Succeed...
  17. Go Free Medley