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Paul Duggan

Paul Duggan


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Music Is the Soul Cover
  • Music Is the Soul
  • R&B/Soul, Rock
  • Deep Dream Project
  • 11/07/2007
  • Music Is the Soul
Liner Notes: Deep Dream Project is: Guitar, lead Vocs: Paul Guitar, backing voc: Jambo Bass, backing voc: Mike Drums, backing vocs: Luis DDP blends funk and metal. Fun and positive Music and lyrics. Makes this a great buy. You won't be disapointed.
  1. Believe In Yourself
  2. Climb The Moon
  3. Super Hero Mind
  4. Music Is The Soul
  5. Must Be Love
  6. Weight Of The World
  7. You Say You Love Me
  8. Made To Feel This Way
  9. The Finish Line
  10. The Wish