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GUGLIELMO BUCCHINO trumpeter,composer

GUGLIELMO BUCCHINO trumpeter,composer

I am an Italian trumpeter,composer,conductor,producer,educator and

sculptor based in Beijing/China and throughout the years I played and gave concerts with a lot of wonderful musicians. Some of them: abdul corr,(gambia)bernhard gauss,joe di carlo,tony hurdle, rudy stevenson,lenjes robinson,(U.S.A)uli lenz, armando chuh ,(Brasil) gerd kaulard,sergej kurjochin,(Russia),Stephan Zimmermann,Axel Dorner, jose simeon,(Brasil)raviindra,(Germany)shankar lal,(India) boris raehme,abdourahmane diop,(Senegal) arenor anuku,(Nigeria)prabhudeva,manfred gruber,franz albinger,joerg sieghart,thomas koch,(Germany),abdourahmane diop,samba sock(Senegal) albert mangelsdorff,werner englert,samba sock, chuck henderson,(U.S.A)soulayman toure,(Senegal)nils tannert,keith hansen, (Jamaica)bernd daeumchen,bernd dieterich,werner englert, manfred gruber,thomas mueller,guillerme jr.,David Moser(USA),Liu Xiao Guang(China). I gave concerts in Germany,Italy, Switzerland, France, England and China.

When I lived in Germany,Berlin I did a lot of recordings and concerts and I also was involved in different projects and bands ,I played trumpet in Bands and Projects as The Butler,SARABA,MAGUMA,CLOWNS ON FIRE,INFRAROT,BLUMENKUESSER,

RAVIINDRA Instrumental collection,Albert Jones,Livin'Spirits,Guglielmo Bucchino's Hermetics,Berlin World Orchestra,Jassa Mariano Chegada Global,Tony Hurdle's Guardians of the Groove,Bohlmann-Bucchino Project;Premier Voyage and now since a couple years I make my own thing. I hope you enjoy it.

Now you can get the single BIRD AND THE ELEPHANT IN CHINA ( this I produced and recorded in China,Beijing its my Solo Project),and UNIVERSE is a fusion of dance,techno,jazz,words feat.Mark Klemens on key and the chinese artist Ji Xu on voice ,you can get it on iTunes and everywhere on the planet!

Some years ago I recorded my debut cd with hermetics and now I thought, I want that some tunes I recorded when I lived in Berlin,Germany I want that the people can get them all over the world!

New releases of the tune: MISTY MILES , AMICI,SILENCE live at Franz Club Berlin Germany,DAWN partI feat.Abdourahmane Diop-voc,Samba Sock-talking drums (Senegal)!

everything on iTunes ,amazon ... available!

check it out!

for more info just visit the official website of