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the  world will soon feel  h-m-s

the world will soon feel h-m-s

h-m-s is the hottest rapper in the world check it and dan you can ask us why we so hot you

Secret Sociery 360 (feat. Hms) Cover
  • Secret Sociery 360 (feat. Hms)
  • Hip Hop/Rap, R&B/Soul
  • Rhino Shocka Sinister
  • 05/18/2016
  • Secret Sociery 360 (feat. Hms)
  1. We Riding (feat. Hms)
  2. Destand (feat. Hms)
  3. Fantasy (feat. Hms)
  4. Going Hard (feat. Hms)
  5. Relationship (feat. Hms)
  6. Show Me Sum (feat. Hms)
  7. And I Know (feat. Hms)
  8. You Never No (feat. Hms)
  9. Blink of an Eye (feat. Hms)
  10. Stay up All Night (feat. Hms)
  11. If I Could (feat. Hms)
  12. She Blew My Mind Away (feat. Hms)
  13. Up and Down (feat. Hms)
  14. Good Music (feat. Hms)