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Artist Profile

Jagged Stone

Jagged Stone

From all round Sydney, a fresh, new sound has emerged which has captured the ears and imagination of fans across the nation.

In the never-ending cycle of musical evolution; the core of popular acoustic outfit Denham Reagh have found their true calling via transformation into one of the most exciting new country rock acts on the Australian scene - JAGGED STONE.

Across years of solid Performing, Touring and Recording; these well travelled, show-hardened musicians have performed up and down the Eastern Seaboard playing a myriad of shows from intimate Sunday Arvo pub crowds to the masses of the Music Festivals with the likes of Amy Meredith, Diesel, Jon Stevens and Catherine Britt.

Portraying the wiliness of experience and exploding with the exuberance of youth; JAGGED STONE's appeal transcends the cliche of demographic description with their masterful blend of unique, melodic and rocking songs.

Catch their shows and grab their early releases now.... and enjoy them whilst cruisn' down YOUR favourite bit of highway!