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Jane Wiedlin

Jane Wiedlin

While in design college in the mid 1970’s, Wiedlin stumbled upon the burgeoning LA punk rock scene. She and Belinda Carlisle were inspired to form The Go-Go’s. The band quickly became local favorites and were signed by the indie label IRS Records. With most of their songs written or co-written by Jane (including the classic “Our Lips Are Sealed”) The Go-Go’s went on to enormous success, selling out Madison Square Garden, the Hollywood Bowl and appearing twice on the cover of Rolling Stone. The band became the first ever all-girl group to write their own songs, play their own instruments, and become immensely popular doing it.

After seven years, The Go-Go’s split up and went their separate ways. Jane moved on to a solo career, releasing six albums of her own which included the hits “Rush Hour“, “Blue Kiss” and “Tangled” (a song featured in the movie “Pretty Woman”). Rolling Stone magazine called her last solo album “Kissproof World“, a “solo tour de force by an entrepreneur, an actress and rock goddess“.

Five years after breaking up, The Go-Go’s reformed and have remained a band ever since. The band continue to make their mark on popular culture, touring each year, and releasing the critically acclaimed God Bless The Go-Go’s in 2001.

In 2009 Jane became an ordained minister and is now performing wedding, commitment and vow reaffirmation ceremonies. For more information go HERE.

*As an actor, Jane has appeared in many movies including “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and “Clue“. As a voice actor, Jane has lent her unique sound to such projects as “King of the Hill“, “Pinky and the Brain” and two of the “Scooby Doo” movies, amongst other shows.

*As a TV star, Jane was recently watched by millions as one of the cast of VH1’s hit TV series “The Surreal Life“. Jane’s unique blend of warmth and comedy captured the hearts of a whole new generation of fans.

*As a writer, Jane co-wrote her first country hit, “But For The Grace of God” by Keith Urban. The song went to Number One and launched Keith as a country superstar.

*As an adventurer, Jane spent three years in the jungles of Central America. She has written a book (”This Godforsaken Paradise”) about her equatorial adventures.

*As a geek, Jane is currently working on a comic book called called Lady Robotika, which she is collaborating on with her partner and friend Bill Morrison (The Simpsons, Futurama). There will be a companion CD of music to accompany the comic book.

*As a musician, besides her ongoing work with The Go-Go’s, Jane is also always busy writing songs.

*As an animal lover, she continues to rescue dogs (her four dogs, Geordie & Peanut, and Angus & Malcolm, are all rescues), and enjoys her time with her horse Siggi, an American Paint Horse.

Kissproof World Cover
  • Kissproof World
  • Alternative, Rock
  • Jane Wiedlin
  • 10/31/2000
  • Kissproof World
Liner Notes: Review by Rob Sheffield - Rolling Stone Jane Wiedlin has aged fabulously into the grande dame of New Wave art chicks, the once and future Go-Go's guitarist who still has endless get-up-and-go-go of her own some twenty years after she co-wrote "Our Lips Are Sealed." We die-hard Janeheads keep flocking to her solo records like supplicants to a sacred grotto, and she doesn't disappoint with Kissproof World, available on her own indie label from janewiedlin.com. Over a barrage of guitar-heavy power pop, Wiedlin blows blue kisses, pitting middle-age malaise ("Die Now! Pay Later!," "The Good Wife") against middle-age lust ("Drain," "Muse"). Fortunately, lust wins; judging from the shockingly risque‚ CD booklet, Jane's had sex on the brain lately, and you can hear it in the music. Matthew Sweet contributes a lovely harmony to the ballad "He's Not Talking," but Kissproof World is a solo tour de force from an entrepreneur, actress and rock goddess hellbent on smashing her cutie-pie image. Tune in and hear why Jane still has her fans in a lip lock, and why, after all these years, our lips are sealed.
  1. Icicle
  2. Feeling Like Flying
  3. Die Now! Pay Later!
  4. Fallen
  5. Kissproof World
  6. The Good Wife
  7. Sooner Or Later
  8. My Lovely Revenge
  9. Drain
  10. Messy
  11. Muse
  12. He's Not Talking
Cold Cover
  • Cold
  • Alternative, Rock
  • Jane Wiedlin's Frosted
  • 08/27/1996
  • Cold
Liner Notes: Blast of punk pop...irresistibly tuneful. - Melody Maker froSTed was a short-lived pop punk group formed by ex-Go Go's guitarist and singer Jane Wiedlin. The band was so-named because "it sounds sweet". The letters S and T were capitalized in tribute to Star Trek, one of Wiedlin's favourite TV shows. They released one album in 1996. Wiedlin was joined by a second guitarist, Brian Waters, Sean Demott on bass and Lance Porter (of Ex-Idols) on drums. All three men provided additional vocals. Allmusic describes the album as "bright, chunky, and radio-friendly without being gooey mainstream glop".
  1. Dis-integrated
  2. Call Me Crazy
  3. Homeless
  4. Amerinoid
  5. Cold
  6. Never
  7. Shoulder the Sky
  8. Bed
  9. Hope
  10. Praying
  11. My Boyfriend
  12. Hey Girl
  13. Empty & Meaningless
  14. Call Me Crazy (acoustic-bonus)...
  15. Sliver of Glass (bonus)
  16. Space Ghost (bonus)