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Obsession is Hell

Obsession is Hell


guitar, bass, drums keys and unique music, different beats and mind expanding flows alternative expression in it's own genre.

tags- #jtw #indie #np



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Zombitized Cover
  • Zombitized
  • Soundtrack, Alternative
  • Obsession Is Hell
  • 01/14/2015
  • Zombitized
  1. Zombitized (All in Due Time)...
  2. Zombie Hoe Down
  3. Food Sex and Pleasure
  4. The Zombie Stomp
  5. Fingers in the Pie
  6. Techno Zombie
  7. Xenon Uterus X-Ray
  8. Zombie Wedding (Here Comes the Bride)...
  9. Last Laugh
  10. Apothic Travails
  11. Melted Power Structures
  12. Zombeatdrops
  13. The Ebola Zombie Steven and the Talk Show Host...
  14. Final Regrets
  15. The Revolt
  16. Told to the Survivors
  17. Glamorized Vexation
  18. Dim and Drastic Dawn
  19. Panorama of Panic
  20. The Rising Dead
  21. Zombosis
  22. Zombie House Party 3
  23. Zombilify
  24. Oration of the Zombie Steven...
  25. Oration of the Zombie Maria...