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Julien & Milena

Julien & Milena

Julien & Milena is a musical duo, formed by Julien Ultanur and Milena Appelman. They make music together in a creative way. Everything is self-written.


It all started a while ago (in 2010) that Julien Ultanur (16 at the time) began writing his own music. He wrote his first-ever lyrics in the study room of his school in Amsterdam. He slipped out of class to put his first lyrical words on paper. Since then, Julien continued to write to improve his talent.

Julien usually composes his songs on guitar, often on piano and sometimes even on the bass. He seeks the chords together on his instrument, invents an appropriate and catchy melody and then he starts thinking about the text. Sometimes it’s a very long process, other times it’s finished within an hour. He thinks everything through thoroughly so that the end result is perfectly matched.

Heavily inspired by his favorite band, The Beach Boys, Julien developed a great love for close harmony. Unfortunately, he couldn’t experiment a lot with harmonies on his own until he met the love of his life on the 27th of May, 2012…

Milena Appelman, a natural singer who have had professional singing lessons since the age of eight, introduced herself to Julien on a birthday party. There was a sparkle between the two immediately and it didn't take long until the two entered a serious relationship. Julien soon found out that Milena wasn’t just another girl. She was an intelligent, talented and beautiful singer. After being together for a few months, Julien suggested his idea to her… His dream since childhood, something he had always wanted: into the musicbusiness, along with his girlfriend. Julien and Milena sat at table when Julien explained his whole plan. Milena could not be happier and fully approved.

Since that day they weren’t only a couple in love, but they also formed a musical duo, simply called ‘Julien & Milena’. As simple as their name is, as well thought is their music.

They experiment a lot with close harmony, polyphony and duets to stand out from the crowd. The songs are mainly composed and written by Julien, while Milena takes credit for the vocal highlights as no other. She’s also learning the art of composing, step by step.

Julien sees songs always consist of two parts: instrumental and vocal; where Julien takes responsibility for the instruments, Milena fills in perfectly to optimize the vocal area.

With all this talent, the many performances, musical acquaintances and access to a professional studio, Julien & Milena will shortly fulfill their dream by recording their first debut album. Fully consisting of their own, original material.

In the future, they hope to win a special place in the hearts and minds of people worldwide…

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