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Biography - Julissa

A gifted singer and minister, Julissa draws on her Puerto Rican heritage as she passionately shares her faith with both Spanish and English-speaking audiences around the world.

Also an author and speaker, it is music for which Julissa is best known. Her industry accolades include multiple nominations for the Billboard Latin Music Awards, Dove Awards, Premios Paoli and Premios Arpa. She has toured extensively, performing for sold-out audiences throughout Europe, Latin America and the United States and singing for the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. under former President Bush and President Obama.

Julissa first became involved with music as a child, singing in her local church choir. By age 16, she was performing with the Christian music group, "Chosen Generation," with whom she eventually recorded several albums. It was during those recordings that Julissa met her future husband, renowned Puerto Rican music producer Mike Rivera.

A versatile artist, Julissa is comfortable performing in any genre, from pop ballads to rhythmic melodies. Her songs, including "Con Cada Latido" (With Every Heart Beat), "Te Prometo" (I Promise), "El No Pereció," (He's Alive) and "Enamorada" (Embrace Me), have made her one of the most sought-after female artists in Latin Christian Music.

Julissa’s extensive discography includes: Regresará por Mi (He Will Return For Me), En Las Alas Del Amor (On The Wings of Love), Duetos (Duets), Mi Propósito (My Purpose), El Ritmo de La Vida (The Rhythm of Life), Adorándote (Worshipping You) and Forever, her first English language project. The 3-song English EP, which was produced by Pete Oquendo, features songs penned by Jason Ingram, Mia Fieldes and Eric Lopez.

Julissa has also written a motivational book for teens and young adults titled "El Ritmo de la Vida" that she released through Thomas Nelson Publishers. And she is the host of "Espiritu Latino" (Latin Spirit), a weekly program on the Gospel Music Channel.

A native of Chicago, Julissa now resides in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where she and Mike serve as youth pastors at El Shaddai Bethlehem Ministries. The couple, who have been married since 1997, have three children.


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2010 Forever EP – Integrity Music

2009 Adorándote, Un Tiempo A Solas Con El (Worshiping, A time Alone with Him) – Integrity Music Latin

2007 El Ritmo de La Vida (The Rhythm of Life) – Integrity Music Latin

2007 Libro El Ritmo de La Vida (The Rhythm of Life Book) – Thomas Nelson Publishing

2006 Inolvidable (Unforgettable) – Integrity Music Latin

2005 Mi Propósito (My Purpose) – Integrity Music Latin

2005 Desde El Principio (Since The Beginning) – Julissa Ministries

2004 Duetos (Duets) – Julissa Ministries

2004 Su Vida Su Música y Sus Videos DVD (Her Life, Her Music, y Her Videos) – Julissa Ministries

2003 Corazón Latino (Latin Heart) – Julissa Ministries

2002 Admisión General (General Admission) – Julissa Ministries

2000 En Las Alas Del Amor (In The Wings of Love) – Julissa Ministries

1999 Nació En Mi Corazón (He Was Bourn In My Heart) – Julissa Ministries

1998 Regresará por Mi (He Will Return For Me) – Julissa Ministries

Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
Julissa Panama Panama Hosanna Sep 04, 2010
Julissa United States Illinois Downers Grove Congreso Te Prometo Oct 08, 2010
Julissa United States Illinois Downers Grove Congreso Te Prometo Oct 09, 2010
Julissa United States Rhode Island Pawtucket Conierto Nov 19, 2010
Corazón Latino Cover
  • Corazón Latino
  • Latin
  • Julissa
  • 03/11/2008
  • Corazón Latino
  1. Pienso En Su Amor
  2. El Amor
  3. Mi Todo
  4. Tu Deseo
  5. Fueron Tus Manos (con Ricardo Rodríguez)
  6. Me Salvó La Vida
  7. Te Has Hecho Realidad
  8. Te Alabo
  9. Hermano Mió (con Funky/versión Salsa)
  10. Gozándome
  11. Fueron Tus Manos (versión Balada)
  12. Enamorada (versión Tropical)
  13. Hermano Mió (con Juan Ramón & Roció)
  14. Embrace Me
En Las Alas Del Amor Cover
  • En Las Alas Del Amor
  • Latin
  • Julissa
  • 03/21/2008
  • En Las Alas Del Amor
  1. Enamorada
  2. El No Pereció
  3. Setenta Veces Siete
  4. Tenerte A Tí
  5. Nuestro Amor
  6. En Las Alas del Amor
  7. Tú Vives
  8. El Se Llama Jesús
  9. Dulce Eres Tú
  10. Bienaventurada
  11. Escondida Detrás De Ti
  12. Rómpeme
El Ritmo De La Vida - Pistas Originales Cover
  • El Ritmo De La Vida - Pistas Originales
  • Latin, Pop
  • Julissa
  • 01/06/2009
  • El Ritmo De La Vida - Pistas Originales
  1. El Ritmo De la Vida
  2. Mi Plegaria
  3. Tu Amor
  4. Pegada a Ti
  5. Su Mirada De Amor
  6. Que Hubiera Sido De Mi
  7. Dame a Beber
  8. Mejor Así
  9. Olor Fragante
Inolvidable - Pistas Originales Cover
  • Inolvidable - Pistas Originales
  • Latin, Pop
  • Julissa
  • 01/06/2009
  • Inolvidable - Pistas Originales
  1. Doxología - Cuan Grande Es El
  2. Aleluya
  3. Amarte Solo A Ti
  4. A Dios Sea La Gloria
  5. Yo Me Rindo A El
  6. Oh Que Amigo
  7. Grande Gozo
  8. La Sangre
  9. Grandes Cosas Ha Hecho Para Mi
  10. En La Cruz
  11. Santo, Santo, Santo
Admisión General – Pistas Originales Cover
  • Admisión General – Pistas Originales
  • Latin, Pop
  • Julissa
  • 03/11/2008
  • Admisión General – Pistas Originales
  1. Te Prometo
  2. Regresara Por Mí
  3. Quiero Verte Mas
  4. Como Tú No Hay Nadie
  5. Amarte Mas
  6. Sal De La Tierra
  7. Medley De Recuerdos (Creo En Dios/ La Flor De la Vida/ Merecedor De Alab...
  8. Inexplicable
  9. El Misterio Del Calvario