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KLUSO... spotlights his style on bringing the audience a unique blend original songs mixed with covers of classic and current influences. KLUSO's music encompasses a wide range of styles from Americana and Folk-Rock, to Pop-Rock and Alternative-Country. In essence, KLUSO is a story teller. His lyrics take you on a humanistic view of our journey through life and poignantly dig deeper than what may be apparent at first listen. KLUSO's debut CD - DELICATE EYE - is a collection of all original tunes. KLUSO is currently teamed up with his band Double Shot (Toshi Tsushima - Lead Guitar, Ed Kleckner – Bass, and Daisuke Kawahara – Drums) playing in the vibrant Okinawa live music scene and working on his next release. You can follow KLUSO through his homepage at www.klusot.com, or www.reverbnation.com/kluso

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Delicate Eye Cover
  • Delicate Eye
  • Folk, Americana
  • 08/24/2006
  • Delicate Eye
Liner Notes: "...young girl, cold and lost in the city" ...City Girl From the opening line of the intro song to KLUSO's debut CD, DELICATE EYE the casual listener will soon be pulled deep into KLUSO's unique style ... this upbeat pop retrospective leads quickly to a flowing rendition of some of the best in Americana stylings... from HAPPY WITHOUT YOU's toungue-in-cheek look of the sweet aftertaste of a bad relationship, to ANOTHER CUP ('o Joe)'s updated version of a 60's coffee house folk tune, the pop power ballad UNSPOKEN (Thank You), the quirky funky sounds of a Tokyo Salaryman on his daily train trek in MANGA QUEEN...and second helpings of more alt folk / alt country and Americana will fill you up like a Sunday brunch at Po'Folks ... this CD finishes strong with the powerful folk ballad SECRET WAR (featured on Neil Young's Living With War website) and the erie Okinawa ghost story of OBON ************************************** KLUSO…...his music embodies the essence of a remarkable journey growing up as a West-coast baby boomer/self-taught teenage drummer, to closet guitarist, and then, after a whirlwind diversion as a fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force, finally finding providence as a performing artist/singer/songwriter. This “late starter’s” slow but deliberate and positive growth has enabled KLUSO to establish an enormous amount of experience in creating successful bands and expanding his merits as a singer/songwriter and performing artist. With his “solo artist” hat on, KLUSO performs as an acoustic oriented act and has also been off-and-on with the group he helped form 9 years ago - The ChickMagnets. In addition, KLUSO has formed a production/promotion company, BotE, which aims to provide other local artists and bands a coop oriented way to expand booking and promotion opportunities. These alternative venues as a full-up-guitar band, solo artist, and producer/promoter further define KLUSO's commitment in promoting his love of music, performing, helping other artists, and connecting with his audience and fans. KLUSO is a “story teller”. His lyrics take you on a humanistic view of our journey through life and poignantly dig deeper than what may be apparent at first listen. KLUSO’s unique vocal delivery and musical style supports the audience with simple but well crafted melodies that move you to a logical grasp of the fundamental nature of the song and story to be told. KLUSO's debut CD, aptly named DELICATE EYE, released summer '06 and includes new original songs recorded with the help of local Tokyo artists and songs previously recorded with his working band over the last year. DELICATE EYE takes you on a retrospective look at our lives through a common bond of experiences and thoughts. The music covers a broad spectrum from alternative folk, to pop-rock, to alt-country. It is truly Americana in its essence and is an accurate representation of KLUSO's style and song craft.
  1. City Girl
  2. Happy Without You
  3. Another Cup (O' joe)
  4. Stay the Night
  5. Can't Say Nuthin'
  6. Unspoken (Thank You)
  7. Since You Been Gone
  8. Manga Queen
  9. Paradise Road
  10. Secret War
  11. Obon
  12. Ahh! Kapella
Wonderwall Cover
  • Wonderwall
  • Rock, Pop
  • Kluso
  • 12/12/2009
  • Wonderwall
Liner Notes: A Kluso klassic kover of one of the crowd favorites at his live shows. A mix of the original Oasis classic, Ryans Adams' cover, and Kluso's own speciality of making it something new. We think you will really enjoy this version of a rock iconic classic. Feel free to sing along.
  1. Wonderwall
Determination / Kluso Akoustic Cover
  • Determination / Kluso Akoustic
  • Singer/Songwriter, Folk
  • 05/28/2011
  • Determination / Kluso Akoustic
Liner Notes: KLUSO returns after a four year hiatus with a new full length collection; featuring KLUSO’s “songwriter-singer” oriented format reminiscent of his classic solo acoustic live shows including a handful of never before heard originals. Hints of pop and alternative country flavor the landscape but the main focus remains the Americana style that has become KLUSO’s moniker. Early Winter Daze sets the opening scene for this compilation that winds through the life-oriented focus of KLUSO's lyrics and melodies; from Singer’s languid observations of the importance of a particular song as a companion to our sorrows, to Mississippi Run’s token to the persistent cycle of life’s troubles, and Sakura Moon’s evocative accounting of the caring but sometimes tense relationship between father and adolescent daughter growing into adulthood. The Stand launches KLUSO’s call for dialogue about our human condition in the context of world events, followed up by Fallow Fields (the Face of War), which has gained acclamation on Neil Young’s Living with War homepage (www.neilyoung.com/lwwtoday). Two remixes from KLUSO’s debut CD Delicate Eye (2006) are also available with a pure acoustic version of Since You Been Gone and a remix of one of KLUSO’s favorites Paradise Road. No One Else Like You highlights an atypical KLUSO pop piece reminiscing about “young love”. And, as a special thanks to his fans, KLUSO included the prized single release of his timeless version of the Oasis anthem Wonderwall. All music and lyrics by KLUSO, with special acknowledgement to fellow songwriter and friend Vince Constantino for his piano arrangement and performance on Sakura Moon. Also, thanks once again to friend Bill Anders (http://billanders.smugmug.com) for his beautiful cover photo art (S-Fern). We hope you enjoy Determination / Kluso aKoustic (BotE Productions 2011). Please be sure to tell your friends and visit us at www.klusot.com
  1. Early Winter Daze
  2. Singer
  3. Mississippi Run
  4. Sakura Moon
  5. The Stand
  6. Since You Been Gone (Acoustic)...
  7. Fallow Fields (The Face of War)...
  8. No One Else Like You
  9. Paradise Road
  10. Wonderwall
Young Hard Red Spot Cover
  • Young Hard Red Spot
  • Rock, Singer/Songwriter
  • 11/12/2013
  • Young Hard Red Spot
  1. The Big Lie
  2. A Little Lovin'
  3. Calaveras
  4. Mr Jack
  5. Poorly Read
  6. Hard to Be Here
  7. Falling
  8. Settled
  9. Someday Soon
  10. Time
  11. This World
  12. Memories (Settled Remix) [Hidden Track]...