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Live YR Soundwaves

Live YR Soundwaves

Live YR is an underground hip hop Producer/Rhyme Author who developed a love for music at a young age and was influenced by reggae, soul music and hip hop. As a child he would play vynils & CDs on the home stereo system, listen for hours & be fixated on music. As he grew into teenage years, he took an interest in being a Jungle/Drum & Bass DJ. The DJ'ing part never materialized, however Live YR being the kind of person that is captivated by sounds & samples, became drawn into producing. It was around this time that started to take an ever-more profound liking to Hip-Hop.

Live YR wrote his first few rap lines way back in 1992 at just 10 yrs old, but he didn't pursue writing rhymes on a serious level until around age 16, when challenged by a school friend one day in 'who could write the best rhyme'. Around a year or so after he began writing, Live YR began making beats & learning about various equipment that was not affordable at the time, while using a ps1 disc for beat makers. From this point, Live YR gained experience over time learning how to use various music making technology & software, while simultaneously becoming a beast with the pen.

Over the years Live YR became a writer/producer through a mixture of persistence, trial and error, the desire to project 'soul' through his music & being able to release it.



The Upbeats LP - 2012 (liveyr.bandcamp.com)

The Sensational Power Project - 2013 (liveyr.bandcamp.com)

Racket In Chillville (EP) - 2013 (liveyr.bandcamp.com)

Elev8ting live - Live YR & Cubeats (EP) - 2013 (liveyr.bandcamp.com)

Vitamin: R-Cipher - 2014 (liveyr.bandcamp.com)

The Dayshift (EP) - 2015 (liveyr.bandcamp.com)

Lone Craftsman - 2015 (liveyr.bandcamp.com)

The Funky First Eleven Instrumental Tape - 2016 (liveyr.bandcamp.com)

The Funky Next Eleven Instrumental Tape - 2016 (liveyr.bandcamp.com)