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Louis Landon - Solo Piano

Louis Landon - Solo Piano

Louis Landon is a Steinway Artist and has dedicated his life to music. His passion is for peace. His career has taken him around the world playing a variety of styles with some of the most recognized names in the entertainment industry: classical music for Mikhail Baryshnikov on national and international tours, Latin music with "Pucho and his Latin Soul Brothers" on national and international tours, pop music with Rupert "Pina Colada Song" Holmes on television and national tours, rock & roll with John Hall, opening for "Little Feat" on national tours. For the past 23 years, through his production company, Landon Music, he has written and produced music for film, video, and commercials, including three years of "best plays" and "bloopers" commercials for the National Basketball Association. Not long ago, Landon realized that his music - the solo piano compositions that bring him so much joy and peace, could surely bring joy, and particularly peace, to millions around the world. Louis Landon's mission is to create a more loving and peaceful world by writing, recording and performing, music from the heart. He has released 13 CDs on the LCI record label and has just finished recording Sedona on My Mind, that will be released in September, 2013.

"… indeed meditative and mellow, [he] sacrifices no musical rigor to achieve those ends. With backgrounds in jazz, Latin music, rock, pop, film composing, and classical piano, Louis brings his breadth and depth of experience to bear here. His playing and compositions are sensitive as they are complex and… a diverse range of influences is more than apparent.” Keyboard Magazine

"He has a gift for composition that is second to none." New Age Reporter

"…for those who like their solo piano music rich and full." Wind & Wire”

Solo Piano for Peace Cover
  • Solo Piano for Peace
  • Jazz, New Age
  • Louis Landon
  • 04/14/2009
  • Solo Piano for Peace
Liner Notes: In the immortal words of John Lennon, who said, “give peace a chance,’ the ubiquitous phrase resounded throughout the world and is remembered by hundreds of thousands of people who understood as he did that aggression only serves to weaken the human spirit. The concept of peace has always been perceived as the sole responsibility of leaders from civilized nations. Confident in his beliefs, Lennon openly criticized governments for promoting unnecessary destruction. Had he lived long enough, he might have been able to articulate more fully, peace can only prosper as a collective condition of the human heart and mind. Solo Piano for Peace is Louis Landon’s answer to the idea that peace begins as a thought, and thoughts become reality when put into action. In June 2008, Louis began posting free downloads of his improvisations to the Internet each day. His motivation was writing one improv for peace every day until the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are over. He received exceptionally positive response to his music from all corners of the world, prompting him to formally record the music. He then turned to Grammy Award-winning producer, Eric Tingstad who is a universally recognized icon within the contemporary instrumental genre. The collaboration between Landon and Tingstad sets the bar for reflective music lovers to visualize how a musical landscape opens subconscious channels in finding unique answers for love and peace, because without love, there can be no peace. As we project our individual translation of love and peace onto those we care about, the message is a contagious reflection of what we all really want in our lives. The cliché that music is a universal language really means music is the language of the universe serving as a catalyst for each of us to discover what peace means and where love comes from. Janet Hansen ~ from the liner notes 1. Seattle Morning 3:44 2. Imagine 5:01 3. Centering 3:36 4. Heartland 3:50 5. Cinco de Mayo 4:38 6. Bittersweet 4:54 7. Skater Girl 2:53 8. New and Old 4:08 9. Court Dances 3:13 10. Fear Not My Love 4:00 11. Thankful 4:19 12. Rejoice 6:02 13. Resolution 4:19 Total playing time 54:44 All music written, arranged, performed by Louis Landon except "Imagine," written by John Lennon Produced by Louis Landon and Eric Tingstad Edited by Eric Tingstad at "All the Comforts of Home" Sammamish, WA www.erictingstad.com All music recorded and engineered by Joe Bongiorno at Piano Haven Studios, Kenmore, WA www.joebongiorno.com/piano-haven-studio.php Recording dates: 8/4/2008, 8/6/2008, 1/25/2009, 1/26/2009 Mastering by Rick Fisher, RFI/CD Mastering, Seattle, WA www.rficd.com/services.html Art direction and design by Janis Wilkins Cover art by Dan Levin A big thank you to my family, friends, and fans for their love and support. Special thanks to everyone listed in the credits of this CD for their input and creativity. My mission continues: to create a peaceful world by writing, recording, and performing music from the heart. Go to www.louislandon.com for information, bookings, CDs & sheet music. Album #LCICD0012 All music ©P2009 Landon Creative, Inc. (BMI) except #2 Imagine Written by John Lennon - Publishing EMI Blackwood Music Inc. OBO Lenono Music (BMI) Arrangement copyright ©2009 Landon Creative, Inc. (BMI) Reproduction prohibited
  1. Seattle Morning
  2. Imagine
  3. Centering
  4. Heartland
  5. Cinco De Mayo
  6. Bittersweet
  7. Skater Girl
  8. New and Old
  9. Court Dances
  10. Fear Not My Love
  11. Thankful
  12. Rejoice
  13. Resolution
Peaceful Christmas - Solo Piano Cover
  • Peaceful Christmas - Solo Piano
  • New Age, Jazz
  • Louis Landon
  • 11/01/2011
  • Peaceful Christmas - Solo Piano
Liner Notes: Peaceful Christmas was recorded on August 12th & 13th 2011 at Piano Haven Recording Studio in Seattle, WA. All music arranged, produced, recorded and performed by Louis Landon. The music was mastered by Joe Bongiorno. Design and layout of the CD by DanLevin.com. Song editing by Eric Tingstad. Song sequencing. Thanks to my family, friend & fans for their love and support! Special thanks to Eric Tingstad and Leroy Henry. Extra special thanks to Joe Bongiorno and Dan Levin. Louis Landon's mission is to create a more loving and peaceful world by writing, recording & performing music from the heart. visit LouisLandon.com for bookings, CDs, sheet music, contact info, and more. All music arranged, produced, recorded, and performed by Louis Landon. All original music published by Landon Creative, Inc. BMI
  1. Joy To The World
  2. The First Noel
  3. Family
  4. Oh Christmas Tree
  5. Oh Holy Night
  6. Icicles
  7. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  8. Deck The Halls
  9. Greensleeves
  10. Moonlight Sleigh Ride
  11. Pachelbel's Canon
  12. Silent Night
  13. Amazing Grace
  14. Bluesy Christmas
  15. Jingle Bells