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Artist Profile




He comes from a new and still unknown vintage of versatile composers, with amplitude of styles and rich musical creation, consolidating and rediscovering the Brazilian music and its public.

“Paulistano”, born in the North zone of the city of São Paulo and now resident in the West zone, soon began his musical path. When he was thirteen he already had his own compositions and performed in houses in the region with his guitar. He has already participated in several bands of the most different styles, from rock to Popular Brazilian Music that is his real roots. As guitar and bass player, he acts nowadays also as producer, making works for Radio and TV, as he is also graduated as sound technician. The last band in which he acted was Metáfora, that also some music in partnership with Marcos Moraes. The Metáfora Band has already opened concerts of the Ira, Ultraje a Rigor, Nenhum de Nós, among others, then you may make an idea how is the work.

Marcos Dani has begun some time ago a new cycle in his artistic life, seeking to refine ever more the sensibility in his lyrics, and also an own essence. If you want to know him better, just listen to his songs and know who he is!

He has also taken part in the “Sons do Brasil” (Sounds of Brazil) project in Palmas – TO, invited by the entrepreneur Melck Aquino, being interviewed by local radio and TV stations. In São Paulo, the TV Bandeirantes, Cultura, RedeTV, besides Imprensa FM, 105FM , Antena Paulista and several others.

Marcos is an artist that seeks to share his own with people, and the definitive consolidation between his work and the public. Currently he has performed concerts throughout Greater São Paulo, showing his entire versatility, accompanied by a very competent band, performing pop songs from consecrated artists, besides some of his unpublished songs. It is worthwhile checking.

Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
MARCOS DANI Brazil São Paulo São Paulo - Brasil Nov 15, 2009
MARCOS DANI Brazil Itapevi São Paulo Dec 13, 2009