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After spending the last 3 years experimenting with his sound, Nova has established himself as hot new electronic artist. Expanding the boundaries of Techno and electronica, Nova’s music has captured the hearts of many.

During his early years, Nova invested countless hours creating the sound that set him apart from other artists. Through experimenting and plenty of trial and error, Nova successfully achieved his goal of creating the image and sound fans have come to love. Pursuing perfection, he continues to inspire his fans with each new album. Nova has released a total of three albums on a global scale with another one on the way. Available on iTunes all over the world, Nova’s music continues to win over new fans at a higher and higher pace. His music can be found in many countries including Japan, The United Kingdom, Australia, The United States, and all of Europe.

As a producer, Nova has won numerous awards for his music. During the past few months on Ourstage.com he has placed within the top ten on the electronic channel and has become the 4th ranked electronic musician in the York, PA area. This December, Nova plans to release his much anticipated 4th album “Hit Robot Make Fall Down”. Combining aspects of Techno, Electronica, D&B, and House the album is a must have for any music enthusiast.

Be sure to look for more from Nova in the coming months as he is sure to continue to remain on the leading edge of the music industry. In the mean time be sure to check out his latest album “Ultima” available now on iTunes.