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Merging Point - MOVING  FORWARD

Merging Point - MOVING FORWARD

Daybreak, Edge of Dawn & the Open road are now in the stores

NEXT UP ?,.....Yes, there are MORE on the way,..a CD release even ;)

a lil bit on us,...

We have been writing songs since being in our teens,.. I think the time has come to share and bring the many of them to fruition ,... for the many and ALL to enjoy.

With backgrounds in Country, Bluegrass, Classic Rock, Pop, Blues, Guitar, Piano,Keyboards, Orchestral arrangements,etc.,etc There are so many roads to go down and intertwine.

34 years of separate and comprised songwriting efforts and composing of music in the works,.... is NOW on ALL of your doorsteps and thresholds,.... and we ask if you like what you hear,....PLEASE share

pssst and stick around ,.. ..we're just getting started ;)