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Mindy Jones & Weak For His Glory Music Page

Mindy Jones & Weak For His Glory Music Page

Just a girl that loves to worship her King when she isn't taking care of her kiddos or husband.

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Arise, Shine Cover
  • Arise, Shine
  • Christian/Gospel, Alternative
  • Weak for His Glory
  • 02/12/2013
  • Arise, Shine
Liner Notes: Weak For His Glory is a girl with a guy, God and her guitar. Every so often, girl is inspired to pick up her guitar and start writing songs. Girl only writes when songs are inspired by the LORD; otherwise, they stink! Girl doesn't pick up her guitar or play much unless Holy Spirit presses a scripture or passage into her being and then she starts playing with the words while strumming her guitar. Sometimes her pastor will have a message that plays over and over in her head until she puts it to music. Girl gives music to her producer and he and Holy Spirit turn it into a masterpiece. Girl is lucky enough to sing on it but refuses to put her name on it - because none of it truly originates from her but Him. Girl's awesome husband supports, listens, and helps fund the album currently being commissioned. When album is finished, if God hasn't already told her the organization He would like the album to support, He will tell her then. In the case of ARISE, SHINE - the first album released by Weak For His Glory, He told her the same day He whom He wanted to benefit from the Worship CD: Redeemed Ministries would benefit from 100% of the physical CD sales. When album is released and girl is finished, she puts her guitar down, goes into hiding, and rests with her God......until He calls her again. Our Mission is to create worship albums when commissioned by the LORD, to write and record only songs led by the Spirit for one purpose: To worship and glorify the Triune God and make the Name of Jesus known.
  1. Praise the Lord (Psalm 100)...
  2. Arise (Matthew 9:21)
  3. O How Great
  4. Love Is Dangerous (Song of Songs 8:6-7)...
  5. The Glory of the Lord (Isaiah 60)...
  6. Your Spirit (Psalm 139)
  7. Show Me Your Glory (Psalm 97)...
  8. 33:3 (Call Me)
  9. He Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)...