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Nego Hights

Nego Hights

Kareem A. Etyem also known as Nego Hights the Warrior was born in the Caribbean/Central American country of Belize. He was raised in the quaint and rather quiet village of Biscayne located in the northern half of the Belize District.

Nego Hights was born in a time when it was not the norm to wear dread locks, however the positive and out spoken truths and rights musical stories of the Great Peter Tosh and Legendary Bob Marley soon caught his attention. This was the base on which a subconscious decision was made to become an artist. Over time the dream would dwindle as school was the main focus but during his last year in high school he was exposed to the fiery sounds of Sizzla Kalonji & Anthony B. It was at this point he embraced the Rastafarian philosophy and culture.

The warrior (N.Hights) have been waiting eagerly for the right moment in time to show case his musical abilities. Specializing in a blend of modern culture, roots, dancehall and what we like to call Reggae Pop, this fresh face to the music scene promises to be one of the most positive and upful in these times. Nego Hights brings a raspy and melodious style which complements his direct and intensely positive lyrical content. Like a breath of fresh he prides himself in bringing back music with a purpose and capturing the essence of the beauty within.

In 2007 Nego Hights got an opportunity to work with a young record label in the Chicago area, GarrisonTek, with which he recorded a few songs. In 2008 GarrisonTek released two albums the first was "Hell Pon Earth" which featured two songs from Nego Hights the Warrior. This album was followed shortly by the second, "Nice and Bad" which was release digitally. This project featured one song from Nego Hights entitled "Joyful Noise" which was recorded to the Nice and Bad riddim made by Hot-ice & Notnice of Portmore Empire.

In 2009 Nego Hights was on the grind working shows with The Remnance Band, this was a new chapter for the young talent. With this band The Warrior played all over Chicago and even went as far as New York. By 2010 he was holding his own and his under ground pre-release album Streetside Gospel was nominated for the best reggae album by the Chicago music award. That same year Nego Hights blaze the stage at one of the biggest out door shows in the mid west(U.S.A) " Chicago Belize Day in the park". By 2011 Nego Hights was well under way in making his name known, he was able to prove why he is called "The Wrrior" when he shared stage with known and seasoned reggae artist such as General Similey, Ken Serious and Sargent Remo. That same year Nego Hights delivered a strong & energetic performance as the head liner on the Selassie I Earth strong parkfest in chicago.

Nego Hights has been busy in studio and at stage shows, this ball of fire has just been ignited and is ready to make his mark in the music world. Nego Hights is known for his signature phrase "Wah Duh WAh Dah" and for songs like, "Style and Swag", "Tell Mi who", "Hear our prayer" and "Crabs ina barrel".

2012 marks a new chapter for Nego Hights, he is presently working on his up coming album and collaborating with other intinational artist such as the award wining Nello Player of Belize. This young ball of fire is just getting started and he knows the sky is the limit.

Nego's approach to life and music is simple. He believes one should strive to be all they can within the realms of their character. For The Warrior music is the only tool left to unite and educate the masses in a time when Politics and Religion both failed the people.