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Hubert Nakitare, better known as Nonini is one of Kenya’s most famous Urban Music Artistes. He is the Godfather of Genge (Mass Music), and the one artiste who brought to life one of Kenya’s biggest and most influential recording studios (Calif Records), Nonini has been in the industry for 11 years now signed to Pro Habo Records.

Nonini (born October 2, 1982), whose real name is Hubert Nakitare, is a Kenyan Genge/Hip Hop artist. He was introduced to the Kenyan urban music scene through his debut single "Nonini ni Nani?" His steady rise to national and regional popularity did not begin however until his 2002 track "Manzi wa Nairobi," a song which praised the beauty of Kenyan women and follow-up single "Wee Kamu". He went on to release his debut album Hanyaring Game in late 2004 which included the hit "Keroro" a sheng term for beer.

Nonini is famed for releasing the first Genge hit early in his career.

Later, Nani Mwenza, his collaboration track with Tanzanian musician Juma Nature, became a regional hit. In his most recent great creations, he has collaborated with local artist Nameless to create a Friday anthem appropriately title "furahi-day" which has received much airplay over the weeks. Both songs were on his second album Mwisho Ya Mawazo, released in 2007. The album featured number of more guest musicians, including Nyota Ndogo, Mercy Myra, Professor Jay and Q-Chief. In August 2007.

Nonini was among 100 most influential Kenyans as selected by The Standard newspaper. In 2009 he was named International Lifestyle Ambassador by the Limkokwing University in Malaysia.

Nonini dedicates his time to help upcoming musicians and in 2008 he started up a whole new crew known as the P-Unit (Pro-habo unit) that consists of rappers Bonnie, Frasha, Gabu. The crew has released some songs most notably "Si lazima" which in swahili means it's not a must. "Si lazima" is a song that talks of times in a relationship where a couple doesn't need to have sex they can just go home and chill.People have found the song quite ironic to the messages he portrayed in his previous songs. At the 2007 Kisima Music Awards P-Unit won the Boomba Group category. Their second single is known as Kushoto-Kulia; meaning left-right. Both songs are on Nonini's Mwisho ya Mawazo album. There Debut album came out in 2010 dubbed Wagenge Hao with the monster hit single "Kare"P-unit which ruled the Kenyan Music industry air waves & won them an MTV Africa best group Nomination. 2011 They collaborated with Sauti Sol to bring u the Hit single Gentleman.


• Hanyaring Game (2004)

• Mwisho ya Mawazo (2007)

• Godfather (2009)

Awards Won:

• 2004 Chaguo La Teeniez Awards - Best Male Artist

• 2007 Chaguo La Teeniez Awards- Best Song ("Si Lazima") & Best Collaboration ("Si Lazima") & Best Group (P-Unit)

• 2007 Kisima Music Awards- Boomba Group (P-Unit)

• 2008 Chaguo La Teeniez Awards - Best Music Video ("Mtoto Mzuri") & Best Group (P-Unit)

2008 Kisima Music Awards-Boomba Group (P-Unit), Best Collaboration (P-Unit & DNA- "Una")


• 2008 MTv Africa Music Awards- Listener’s Choice (P-Unit & DNA- “Una”)

• Limkokwing University Lifestyle Ambassador. (This award has also been granted to distinguished VIP’s such as Mel Gibson, Bruce Davey, Miss England 2008, Miss India 2006, Eric Way (Sex and the City), Miss Botswana, HE Prince Andrew, HE Festus Moghae (President Of Botswana), Prime Minister of Malaysia. The award is in line with the University’s of building the skills of their young citizens, particularly in the area of new technology, of Sound and Music, Film and Television and other creative courses).


Hubert Nakitare, more popularly known as Nonini is undeniably one of Kenya’s most successful, prominent and most importantly, INFLUENTIAL solo urban artistes in the Kenyan Music Industry at this very moment.

His influence is quite obvious, what with the elicited responses and discussions that stem from every time he releases any song / video to the public. He has always been, and will most likely continue to be a controversial figure in Kenya’s Urban Music Industry. The reactions of his fans and all alike make for quite a considerable amount of ‘talk’, and this ranges almost across the age bracket. His strongest and ardent fans seem to range from 14 – 30 years, with an obvious spill-over both ways. Interestingly enough, quite a majority of his fans are female, and this could be due to the fact that as bold as he is, he touches them somewhere deep down REALISTICALLY.

Talk among his peers and especially some ‘industry insiders and heavyweights’ reveal that one of the strong reasons for Nonini being a top notch artiste is the realness in him. A critical look at his peers in the industry reveals that while most of them (his peers) struggle to portray an image of ‘hardcore, hard life’, etc, they seem ‘plastic’. Nonini was rated as the one Kenyan artiste who invokes his lifestyle and that of his friends and neighbors through his music. There is no exaggeration about him. It’s all REAL; his language, his behavior, his lyrics, his ordeals, etc. It all comes from his heart.