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Artist Profile

The "O" Man Jam Steampunk Music Ensemble

The "O" Man Jam Steampunk Music Ensemble

Irish multi-instrumentalist and composer: Eamonn Monaghan: Vocals, Drums, 12 and 6 String Electric Guitars, Electric Violin, Acoustic and Classical Guitars, 'XTRO' E-Bow Guitar, String and Horn Charts, Orchestral Arrangements & Conductor

Zander Leeuberg: Electric and Acoustic Fretted and Fretless Basses

Andrew Gardner: Lyrics, Wordsmith, Laureate, 'Visiting Professor'

James M. Clare: Keyboards, 6 String Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin

Arnold Michalak: Drums on live performance tracks

Mining a rich seam with tales of pioneer explorers, frontiers men, voortrekkers and maritime mysteries [the romance of the seven seas, buckles were never more swashed!), The "O" Man Jam's ["O" = Omega] material is peppered with references to the Classics and 'Big Science'; the 'physics beyond the mundane', supernatural/beyond the five senses. Always with a 'heart full of soul'.

Zander's bass rumbles, slides, growls and slaps deep as whale's tail and midnight blue playing defender for Eamonn's hyperkinetic drumming as goalkeeper plus signature red 'copper tone' guitar sound as striker; call it multi-tasking. James sparks the creative midfield in the keyboard engine room, while Jared's vocals play [Yeah, okay guys reading this - that's me!] a mean flank on the wing, soaring to stratospheric heights in the stereo playing field. The band that want to have that 'Hit by Varese'.

Best all

Jared 'MC Jay' Coast