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Paul Speer

Paul Speer

Paul Speer is a Grammy nominated recording artist and record producer. He has 13 albums and 6 video albums in release. Paul's newest project (July 2009) is called Wonders and is a collaboration with Paul Lawler from the UK and Satine Orient from Frannce.

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Collection 991: Music+Art Cover
  • Collection 991: Music+Art
  • New Age, Rock
  • Paul Speer
  • 06/06/2007
  • Collection 991: Music+Art
Liner Notes: Paul Speer's second solo album. This record has elements of progressive rock, trance, new age, blues and features performances by pianist David Lanz, new age icon Michael Stearns, percussionist Steve Reid (founding member of the Rippingtons), and blues harmonica master, Dick Powell.
  1. Allegretto in E
  2. Andantino
  3. Allegro Con Brio
  4. Adagio Dolente
  5. Moderato Indigo
  6. Larghetto Con Forza
  7. Acoustic Reprise-Allegretto...
Hells Canyon Cover
  • Hells Canyon
  • Rock
  • Rockenfield/Speer
  • 06/08/2007
  • Hells Canyon
Liner Notes: This critically acclaimed instrumental rock opus is a musical impression of places and historical events in the deepest gorge in North America, Hells Canyon. From the hard hitting fusion rock of "Seven Devils" to the melancholy strains of "China's Last Stand", which echo the tragic massacre at Deep Creek, Scott and Paul take you on a sonic journey through a powerful creation of nature.
  1. Descent-Seven Devils
  2. Chant of the Fathers
  3. Snake Dance
  4. Crossing to Freedom
  5. Coyote
  6. Red Torrent
  7. River of No Return
  8. China's Last Stand
  9. Buffalo Eddy
  10. Carved in Stone
  11. Epilogue
Collection 983: Spectral Voyages Cover
  • Collection 983: Spectral Voyages
  • New Age, Rock
  • Paul Speer
  • 06/08/2007
  • Collection 983: Spectral Voyages
Liner Notes: Paul Speer's first solo album, originally released on the Catero Records label of San Francisco. The album features a suite of four pieces in a trance-ambient style. Guests include Roger Fisher on guitar (Heart founding member) and Steve Reid on percussion (founding member of the Rippingtons). The bonus track, Terra Vista, features David Lanz on keyboards. This album is listed as one of the top 100 albums by Discography of New Age, Electronic, and Ambient Music. www.scaruffi.com
  1. Vivace
  2. Lento
  3. Allegro
  4. Andante
  5. Terra Vista
Quiet Thoughts Cover
  • Quiet Thoughts
  • Electronic, New Age
  • Paul Speer
  • 06/14/2007
  • Quiet Thoughts
Liner Notes: Paul Speer departs from his typical guitar oriented instrumental music to create a serene moment in time performed entirely on keyboards.
  1. Silent Reflection
  2. A Child of Five
  3. With a Smile
  4. Bright Future
  5. Echoes of Inspiration
  6. Serious Consideration
  7. Twenty Years from Tomorrow...
  8. Bells of Perception
  9. Memories of Jean
  10. The Power to Change
  11. Canon in the Key of Dreams...
Oculus Cover
  • Oculus
  • Pop, Rock
  • Paul Speer
  • 01/29/2008
  • Oculus
Liner Notes: This music is the aural companion to the music video album entitled “Oculus.” Grammy nominated multi-instrumentalist Paul Speer composed a soundtrack for each video track that evokes an extraordinary mood which takes the viewer deep into each location for a consummate audiovisual experience. On its own, the music inspires the listener to imagine their own visual experience.
  1. Prelude Oculus
  2. Spanish Steps
  3. Pantheon
  4. Firenze
  5. Cinque Terre
  6. Festival In Terrasini
  7. Mediterranean Highway
  8. Portofino
  9. Tuscan Sunset