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Artist Profile

Pepe and Gloria

Pepe and Gloria

Pepe and Gloria infuse a touch of their own Latin American roots to a varied and carefully selected music repertoire. The sensibility and impeccable technique of Pepe in his guitar blend gracefully with Gloria’s gentle voice.

As for their personal music achievements, Pepe is known for his influence in the Afro-Peruvian Jazz in his native Peru, and has traveled around the world representing his country. He has composed and arranged for well-known Peruvian artists, as well as for his city’s big bands and for the Lima Youth Symphonic Orchestra. One of his greatest contributions to the world music, is the fusion of the Peruvian waltz with the Argentinean tango.

Gloria has an ample experience singing in different local bands and in Mexico City. She is also a Spanish literature and language lecturer at the California Institute of Technology. Gloria has been able to combine her musical and academic interests by developing educational presentations in which she and Pepe expose different topics related to the Latin American cultures with powerful images and live music. Some of the topics they have presented are on the Mexican Revolution, the African Legacy in Mexico, and the European, African, and Indigenous roots in Latin America.

Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
Gloria Arjona United States California Huntington Park Casa del Distrito Federal Feb 08, 2013
Pepe Flores and Gloria Arjona Los Angeles University of Southern California Feb 16, 2013
Pepe Flores and Gloria Arjona Los Angeles Mexican Cultural Institute Feb 24, 2013
Pepe Flores United States California Boyle Hights Un Solo Sol Kitchen Apr 20, 2013
Pepe Flores United States California Long Beach Casa Arjona May 25, 2013