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TRASHARELLA Movie Soundtrack

TRASHARELLA Movie Soundtrack

TRASHARELLA is a modern day musical starring and directed by Rena Riffel. The film features Rena's music, music by Todd Riffel (Stereocell), and Count Smokula's accordion music (available thru countsmokula.com) TRASHARELLA MOVIE SOUNDTRACK includes the hit songs from the film and a fun mix of movie soundbites. You can get the DVD of Trasharella at www.RenaRiffelFilms.com.

RENA RIFFEL is best known for playing the part of PENNY/HOPE in the cult-classic film, SHOWGIRLS. Her other credits include STRIPTEASE (w/ Demi Moore), MULHOLLAND DRIVE (David Lynch), CANDYMAN 3, and DARK REEL. Rena has written and recorded songs for various films including "Deep Kiss" for Showgirls, "Geisha Girl" for Wild Roomies, "Restore" for Blood Lust, "Spaceeba" for Back In The USSR, and more. Rena sang the theme song, "Livin' In The Fast Lane" for E! Entertainment's special series, Forbe's 20 Billionaire Heiresses: Young, Fabulous, and Incredibly Rich.

Trasharella Soundtrack Cover
  • Trasharella Soundtrack
  • Dance, Soundtrack
  • Various Artists
  • 04/05/2009
  • Trasharella Soundtrack
  1. Trasharella Intro by Movie Soundbites
  2. Perfectly Imperfect by Rena Riffel
  3. Garden Of Allah by Movie Soundbites
  4. Deep Kiss by Rena Riffel
  5. Lipsmacker Kiss by Rena Riffel
  6. Lolita by Todd Riffel
  7. Therapist To The Stars by Trasharella Soundbites
  8. Pink Cosmopolitan Starlet by Rena Riffel
  9. I Want Out by Stereocell
  10. Going Nuts by Trasharella Soundbites
  11. Damsel In Distress by Rena Riffel
  12. Trasharella Climax by Trasharella Soundbites
  13. Lolita (Lyrical) by Todd Riffel
  14. Gen X,Y, and Z- Bonus Track by Rena Riffel