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Artist Profile

Sas-Leon King (Manifest)

Sas-Leon King (Manifest)

Take a universal leap into the world of Fusion Music with compositions and calibrations by Sas-Leon King - Manifest Music Art Productions or now known as Manifest Fusion Music Art Productions - featuring various artists from around the globe.

Formal Biography:

Sas-Leon Paul J.P.L King also simply known as Sas-Leon or (Manifest). British Composer, Actor, Writer, Lyricist and Philosopher - born December 16/1977 in Leytonstone, London England. He completed his studies throughout London and is also reported as a Life Coach, Mentor and unbound creative Artist.

Sas-Leon has gracefully shared views which many have benefited from. A self educated student of ancient history,metaphysics and mysticism, which are expressed within his shared philosophies, Music compositions.

Sas-Leon like many in this day and age is known for challenging the norm and encourages others to do the same, thinking and creating outside the box to the point of realization that there is no box. supporting Colleges, Schools and Charities over the years through various job roles. (See experiences section below)

Creator of Manifest Music Art Productions which is simply a title he gave to his own limited productions which progressed from a home music studio in 2000.

Sas-Leon has pioneered astonishing sounds which are performed in all his music and based on his awareness of the importance of vibration and energy that each and every individual possess. To his continual surprise, the creativity and love for the piano beats/drums, strings and the synthesizer thereof has touched the hearts across the globe.

Purchase or stream - Manifest Music Art Productions tremendous calibration singles and Albums which are available worldwide via MP3's -

Albums such as - “Fates of Saints” and the collaborated “Aura Of Souls” and “I Weep Before My Rage”. These atmospheric music compositions consist of limitless Creative/Fusion in totality with a fearless mixer of music genre.

Sas-Leon's up and coming new album entitled: "Unaltered Almanac" is coming soon.

Fates of Saints Cover
  • Fates of Saints
  • Soundtrack, Electronic
  • Sas-Leon
  • 12/25/2008
  • Fates of Saints
  1. My Chronicles Manifest (feat. Malarchi & Lucy Orme)
  2. Fates of Saints (feat. Lucy Orme)
  3. No I Can't Stop (Sas-Leon vs Ann Marie) [Creative R n B Funk]
  4. The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) [Electronic Orchestra Trip-Hop]
  5. Messianic Revelations (Electronic Trip-Hop)
  6. Burning Inside of Me (Creatove Film Score Metal) [feat. Lucy Orme]
  7. Subliminal Saint (Dark Electronic Trip-Hop)
  8. Demon Demolisher (Creative New Metal)
  9. Reminisce Recall (Dark Creative Film Score and Drum n Bass)
  10. I’ve Come Too Far (Sas-Leon vs Ann Marie) [Creative R n B]
  11. Searching for Truth (Creatve and Inspirational Film Score)
  12. Dawn of Mist (Atmospheric Film Score)
  13. Laidback Lover (Creative Jazz Funk)
  14. Here I Am Cursed to Bless (Creative Orchestra) [feat. Fabio D'andrea]
  15. Fates of Saints (Remastered Instrumental) [Bonus Track]
Terminator Salvation Theme (Electronic Orchestra Trip-Hop) Cover
  • Terminator Salvation Theme (Electronic Orchestra Trip-Hop)
  • Soundtrack, Christian/Gospel
  • Sas-Leon
  • 01/10/2009
  • Terminator Salvation Theme (Electronic Orchestra Trip-Hop)
  1. Terminator Salvation Theme (Electronic Orchestra Trip-Hop)
Imperial March Darth Vader's Theme (Recomposed Remix) Cover
  • Imperial March Darth Vader's Theme (Recomposed Remix)
  • Soundtrack, Electronic
  • Sas-Leon King
  • 10/09/2015
  • Imperial March Darth Vader's Theme (Recomposed Remix)
  1. Imperial March Darth Vader's Theme (Recomposed Remix)