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Daniel Peter Bedrosian was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, the third child of concert

level classical pianists Peter & Jeanne Bedrosian. His parents were both music majors,

graduating at the top of their class in the music department at the University of

Massachusetts, Lowell. Moving into Education, they started their own Piano School,

and, like any loving musical tradition, enrolled their three children into the program,

eldest Holly at 4 years of age, Elise at 3 years, and the youngest Danny at 4 years. All

three of the children were classically trained by their parents, and were also involved

in Church Choir, their father being the Choir Director at the local church.

Danny's first of many Classical Concert Recitals took place at the age of five, the very

same year winning the bronze medal in his first Musical Theory and Performance

Competition, beating many fellow pianists double his age. Three years, and half a dozen

concert recitals later, at the age of only 8, Bedrosian would win the gold medal at the

same competition against competitors raging from the ages of 5-19 years old. In the

years ahead until he was 18, Bedrosian would play in dozens more Classical Concert

Recitals amongst his peers playing pieces by composers such as Khatchaturian, Bartok,

Beethoven, Sanucci, Bach, Tcherepnin, Grieg, Vandall, and many more. Danny's

interests in jazz and R&B began at the age of 10 amidst his classical studies as well, as

he played keyboards and sang in various local Latin, Metal, and Hip Hop Groups.

The first group he fronted won a local battle of the bands, and sparked Bedrosian to

consider a deeper move into the industry. Since the age of 11, Bedrosian had been

moved more by the P-Funk than any other group, and aspired himself to start what

would eventually be the 18-piece New England based, super-funk group Sweet Motha'

Child. From 1998-2003 Bedrosian was the Band Director, Keyboardist, Lead Vocalist,

Arranger, Manager, Booking Agent, Frontman, Lyricist, and chief songwriter of the

successful group. Under his reigns, Sweet Motha Child would release six albums, and

Bedrosian's production company handled album production and release for various

projects in the New England region. He also played in other groups, worked two jobs,

and was attending The University of NH, becoming, of all things, a Historian of Middle

Eastern Studies.

Between the ages of 16 and 20, Bedrosian met and befriended his longtime musical

favorites in George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic. Upon these meetings, Bedrosian

would go to FL for a week to do session work for Clinton. He would be asked to do the

same for Bo Diddley months later, but Bedrosian, driven by the need to finish what he

started both financially and educationally decided to graduate college first. Upon

receiving his degree at the age of 22, and now a certified Historian of Middle Eastern

Studies, Bedrosian left the leadership of SMC with his sister Elise, and moved to

Tallahassee, FL in an attempt to land a full-time job with the P. He and keyboardist

Jerome Rodgers worked diligently for months with bands and in the studio, and

Rodgers landed Bedrosian a job as keyboard tech for George's keyboardists.

Within months, Bedrosian was brought into the fold as full time musician in the band,

and has played all over North America, The Caribbean, Europe, Australia and New

Zealand with P-funk. He is now featured on a handful of Live Pfunk releases, Pfunk

albums and spinoff albums. His credits include Executive Producer for Jerome

Rodger's debut album, and appearances on the BET 25th Anniversary Spectacular, The

Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Last Call with Carson Daly. Bedrosian also has played

keyboards for Pfunk offshoot bands such as The 420 Funk Mob, Divadelic & COP, Drugs,

Cacophonic FM, GCIII Varsity Squad, and The Church of High Voltage.

He released his debut solo album in September of 2005, and has received great

reviews from the world over. Aside from the recent release, Bedrosian is currently

CEO, Producer & Engineer of his Production and Publishing Company BOZFONK, is

working with other artists ' projects, both in and outside of Pfunk, is the current

keyboard player for Tallahassee funk act the Soular System, and is writing an historical

ethnology of Ancient Tribal Armenia. At 25, Bedrosian continues to win new fans as well

as respect in the world of music.

Danny continued to score with multiple releases on his BOZFONK MOOSICK production

and publishing label, in conjunction with WEFUNK South, which Bedrosian also is head

of operations. Albums by Som’n Fierce, MoonChild, Secret Army, The Soular System,

Asphalt Panda, Teresa Jimenez, Clonin the Wheel and Sweet Motha’ Child have come

out on through Bedrosian’s work with these two aforementioned companies between

2005 and 2009.

Bedrosian is key in the administrative aspects of the company including, but not limited

to: Writing, Producing, Performing, Playing, Singing, Programming, Engineering,

Managing, Promotions, Advertising, Marketing, Street Team ringleader/recruiter, Web

team, Art Dept, Photography Dept, Publishing, Radio blitz team, Music education,

arranging, Press, and much more.

Aside from administrative duties, Bedrosian continues to stay busy, currently playing in

10 bands live, and working on 10-15 different studio projects fiscally. In October of

2008 Danny played keys for the special George Clinton and the Gangsters of Love

Halloween performance featuring RZA on the Late Show with David Letterman. Danny

also performed with George Clinton, P-Funk, and Sly Stone at one of the inaugural balls

in Washington DC for President Barack Obama.

In 2009 Danny Bedrosian's Secret Army opened for George Clinton and Parliament-

Funkadelic, with Danny handling double duty in cities from Boston to Orlando. Danny

also expanded BOZFONK MOOSICK and WEFUNK SOUTH in the beggining of 09, by

working with more new and established artists and bands than ever before.

Danny toured South America with George Clinton and P-Funk in 2009 as well, making his

way onto CNN South America and every South American newspaper due to the hype of

the band coming down there. He also established important ties with associates in

Buenos Aires.

Less than a month later, Danny also played the island of Le Reunion with P-Funk, in the

middle of the Indian Ocean; He also played multiple solos with the group at the Tokyo

Jazz Festival in front of 85,000 people in Japan. He also had his debut tour with his

band Secret ARmy up and down the east coast of the United States. At the request of

the modern American scholar, academic Cornell West, Danny was among the members

of the P-Funk along with George Clinton of course, to perform on the Mo'nique show on

BET later that year. It was among the band's best performances of recent years.

In 2011, at the repeated request of the academician Dr. West, Bedrosian joined Clinton

for a third appearance beside the esteemed professor and author on the Late Late

show with Craig Ferguson. The appearance commenced with 6 weeks of heavy touring

in Japan and the United States, followed by upcoming return trips to South America and

Europe on a twice a year basis.

His production work likewise has expanded to over a dozen artists, bands and groups

for Bozfonk Moosick alone.

Danny's music world appears to just keep growing and growing, and only keeps getting


Don't Sleep on Danny Bedrosian's Secret Army album. Featuring P-Funkers Bedrosian, Lige Curry, Dewayne 'Blackbyrd' McKnight, Michael "Clip" Payne, and many more, this album promises not to disappoint.

Many different sounds can be heard on this music, from Funk, to Rock, to R&B, to hip hop, to Classical, to Bebop, To Gospel, to World Music, to Jazz Fusion, and on and on. There is something for everyone, in this bag of nasty grooves, meaningful lyrics, powerful sounds, cartoon characters, and much much more!

In less than a year, this album has been heralded as a classic and a masterpiece by many radio djs, music critics, famous professional musicians and music fans worldwide. The album (along with most of the BOZFONK MOOSICK Catalog) has had a large following in not just the U.S. and Canada, but also the U.K, Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Poland, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. The sounds are universal, and the band is a gumbo of cultures and cross sections of various races, genders, ethnicities and creeds: Armenian, African, Irish, Jewish, Mexican, Cuban, French, and Korean cultures are all represented in the band itself:

Danny Bedrosian

Dewayne "Blackbyrd" Mcknight

Lige Curry

Rico Lewis

Marc Munoz

Seth Ceders

Mike Maloney

Teresa Jimenez

This amazing debut album (and don't miss out on the NEW DOUBLE DISC-THE SLEAZIEST OF THE GREAZE available on www.dannybedrosian.com)also features performances from the 19 piece funk outfit Sweet Motha Child (based in boston, ma), as well as Alaskan funk artist Moon Child, Asphalt Panda bassist Duane Day, Soular System bassist Ral Bryant, NYC based rapper Josh Maldizi, as well as violins, dumbeks, melodicas, mandolins, horns, bells, even the kitchen STINK!

Overall, some of the freshest sounds in music today have been brewing out of BOZFONK's camp, and SECRET ARMY is a good primer to understand it all, a mishmash of styles and suggestions, a thematic masterwork introducing a supergroup to the world!

Check out Danny Bedrosian's SECRET ARMY: You don't wanna miss this 21st century REVOLUTION in Progressive Music!

This was just the write up for the first album. SIX ALBUMS down the line... A new LIVE ALBUM entitled LOST FROTH is coming soon, as well as Danny Bedrosian's upcoming solo album SERI MISTIK! Don't miss either of these incredible upcoming 2011 releases from BOZFONK MOOSICK!!!

Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
SECRET ARMY United States Massachusetts Lowell Lowell Brewery Exchange Sep 09, 2010
SECRET ARMY United States Massachusetts Worcester The Lucky Dog Sep 10, 2010
SECRET ARMY United States New Hampshire Newmarket The Stone Church Sep 11, 2010
SECRET ARMY United States Vermont Danby The Little Cabaret Sep 12, 2010
SECRET ARMY United States New York NYC The Parkside Lounge Sep 13, 2010
SECRET ARMY United States Pennsylvania Philadelphia The Blockley Sep 15, 2010
SECRET ARMY United States Massachusetts Cambridge/Boston Middle East Club Sep 16, 2010
SECRET ARMY United States Georgia Athens FARM 255 Sep 18, 2010
SECRET ARMY United States Florida Tallahassee 3rd Avenue Drum Shop Sep 22, 2010
SECRET ARMY United States North Carolina Charlotte Salvador Deli Oct 30, 2010
SECRET ARMY United States New Jersey New Brunswick Court Tavern Nov 02, 2010
SECRET ARMY United States New York Williamsburg/Brooklyn Rose Live Music Nov 03, 2010
SECRET ARMY United States Massachusetts Worcester The Lucky Dog Nov 05, 2010
SECRET ARMY United States New Hampshire Pelham Shooter's Pool hall and Music Venue Nov 06, 2010
Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army United States Florida Tallahassee Krewe De Gras Nov 25, 2010
SECRET ARMY United States Massachusetts Worcester Tammany Hall Dec 18, 2010
Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army United States Florida Tallahassee Krewe De Gras Dec 31, 2010
SECRET ARMY United States Colorado Steamboat Springs The Ghost Ranch Saloon Jan 05, 2011
Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army United States Colorado Denver Tooey's Off Colfax Jan 06, 2011
SECRET ARMY United States Colorado Ft. Collins Road 34 Jan 07, 2011
SECRET ARMY United States Colorado Winter Park Ullr's Tavern Jan 08, 2011
Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army United States Florida Tallahassee Krewe de Gras Oct 08, 2011
Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army United States New York NYC The Yippie Cafe Oct 22, 2011
SECRET ARMY United States Massachusetts Boston Club Felt Feb 09, 2012