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Sinister Sound Set

MK Skillz and Jim Bonds have teamed up to produce and perform live under the group name Sinister Sound Set. In the upcoming year look out for a lot of new dance mixes, original tracks, and remixes with a funky, scratch laden feel to bang on your ear drums.

In the Early 90's Michael, then know as Skillz, started dj'ing when he was deep into the early Baltimore rave scene. He started out Sinister Productions in 1994 followed by his first party, Guerrilla warfare, as a promoter. Over the years he has spun in various locations country wide, and opened for all kinds of live acts (paste name drop here). Over the past few years MK has returned his dance music roots, but is still is known to drop anything from hip hop to dub step.

The scratch happy turntablist Jim Bonds got his start in the late ‘90s spinning hip hop at local venues. He went on to spin parties and open for live acts along the East Coast. Most recently, Bonds has taken a hiatus from his Hip Hop roots to explore the dance scene.

World wide bookings available - booking@SinisterSoundSet.com