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Artist Profile



SirenSinging is lead by singer/songwriter Allison Saleh. Now 23, Allison has had a deep desire to share her passion for music and began writing songs at only 10 years of age. Taking a hiatus from song writing, she went to Biola University to pursue a Bachelor's of Music in Vocal Performance, specializing opera and a Bachelor of Arts in History. However, when a life-changing event hit her in March 2010, she was inspired once again to write music and share her soul with whoever would listen. Allison hopes to bring light to people's lives, encouragement, and give a voice to those who don't have one.

Musically speaking, SirenSinging's style ranges from pop, rock, and folk. Musical influences include Kate Nash, Lily Allen, Queen, Regina Spektor,and Amy Kuney. Relationships are a common theme throughout her lyrics, along with spiritual struggle and identity discovery.

SirenSinging is releasing her first EP, "Things I'll Never Say" on March 11th, 2011. You can buy her debut single "When I Saw You," on January 31st, 2011!