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Marcus D. Mitchell (born February 25, 1976), known by his stage name SKANDAL DA RUCKUS MAN, is an American record producer, Songwriter, MC, actor, DJ, concert promoter, entrepreneur and reality television star. He was 1 of 16 MC’s who participated in HBO’s BLAZE BATTLE, hosted by KRS-1 and Tony Touch. His music is described at “Gigantic”, because of the heavy drum programming and baselines remeniscant of the DJ Premier/Pete Rock era. His flow and lyrical content are in one word, “commanding”. If you’ve ever been to one of his performances you know what we mean. His business interests under the umbrella of SHARKFACE PUBLISHING included, artist promotion & development, OPEN MIC NIGHTS, his reality show about running a hip hop open mic, The BEAT Lounge a battle where producers can go head to head with various styles of production, and TOP 40 TUESDAYS, (might I add the hottest open mic night in the Midwest according to Metro Mix Magazine). The list of what Skandal does can go on for days, but this multi-talented entertainer’s first love is Rapping. He’ll say he’s been spitting 16’s since 16. Most of Skandal’s legacy lies in the MC Battle World. His first real recognition was in, THE BATTLE FOR MIDWEST SUPREMACY, SCRIBBLE JAM 97’-08’, HOOKT.COM, & HBO’s BLAZE BATTLE. In 2007 Skandal relased is debut album, “VIGILANTE WORLD”. The album was only released online. However his latest work, called, “BIG SCARY MONSTER” is sure to break into a national market due to his newly assembled team, Team Sharkface. Be on the look out for this human being in a town near you.

Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
SKANDAL DA RUCKUS MAN United States Ohio Cincinnati BABA BUDANS Mar 18, 2010
SKANDAL DA RUCKUS MAN United States Ohio Cincinnati Christys Apr 02, 2010