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I apologize if any confusion *** Artist stage name has been changed to HoodGoodGoodie...........for marketing and advertising purposes) There are a zillion SlimGoodie's running around the internet but you will only find ONE- & the Only HoodGoodGoodie GIRL. Stay Tuned for updates.

HoodGoodGoodie music is filled with her life experiences. With Feelings of pride that's priceless some times, you get songs intended to Empower women regardless of how the message is delivered. She's a little rough on the edges but stand firm in redefining meanings of words or the context that "we" use them in. Her goal is to turn every negative into a positive-.....

Searching for a way to cope this world HoodGoodGoodie remains to maintain in her goals and continues to seek the truth that it is her Lord wants her to know. She stays grinding making money because in life she believes nothing matters more than finding your truth to what you were made for. She believe every one needs a helping hand and god has assigned us all roles in life. "Do the research seek the truth and he will reveal things to you about yourself and this world" she states. "It's all a test and I be damn if I let these Devils catch me slippen ya dig"

HoodGoodGoodie aka SlimGoodie: young, black, intelligent, creative, caring- and yes she's a rapper started on the scene at the age of thirteen. Growing up in the streets of East Palo Alto, Californ-ia she learned quick that you gotta have tough skin to survive. Survivor of a broken home due to drugs and domestic violence HoodGoodGoodie looked to rappers such as Nas, Foxy Brown, Tupac, Scarface, and the Luniz for a peace of mind. Now at the age of 27 she looks to her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for peace of mind, not giving a damn at the stereo types or characteristics that anyone thinks she should be as a "Female Rapper". Considered the cream of the crop, specializing in being an artist that performs, writes, and is the dedicated creative mind behind herself, she Refuses to Not BE Heard- HoodGoodGoodie will continue to strive to the top!!! Co-Founder of Tha Coldest Heat Records "it's on" That's why She's In A League of Her Own- She has no time for fake sh** and broken promises.

Since she has ventured into starting her own Label, along with partner in crime Shawneesa, and doing things all “HER WAY”, she has released Album Entitled “In A League Of Her Own” early Feb. 09 and two mix-tapes entitled “I’m Good” & “I Am Mrs.GOOD” which can be downloaded @ Datpiff.com. Things are moving slow however these two dynamic fierce ladies will not let the game fade them off the scene. So stay tuned - 2010 Mix-tape Soon to be Released *

Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
Hoodgoodgoodie United States New York New YORK THE NATIONAL UNDERGROUND Mar 17, 2012