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Soullone was born in Belize, Central America and raised in Long Beach, California. He recorded his first tape in 1996 and has sold over 60,000 CD’s independently.

Soullone is proud to announce the release of 3 singles; “Snap N Clap”, “Racist People” and “Pain”.

“Snap N Clap” is a dance song which is great for clubs. This song is upbeat, with catchy verses. The lyrics are great, the rhythm and the harmonies are perfectly arranged.

“Racist People” is a reality check. It has a hard beat, the lyrics are keeping this song as real and it gets. It has outstanding vocals and musical arrangement. This song is memorable, almost as an anthem to racism in this country with hopes that one day there will none.

“Pain” is an extraordinary song, full of emotion, drama and allows the listener to experience the lyrics in this song like they were transposed into the storyline. “It’s the pain society is going through right now and racist people is because we are trying to help the racisms go completely way”, states Soullone.

Soullone is a storyteller, with deep storylines. Whether it’s true to life or a fun song like “Snap N Clap”, Soullone has that innate ability to bring that emotion out and into your soul. Experience his life through his music. This is Soullone. The delivery, the arrangements, the recording style are very unique. Soullone is steps ahead of others in the rap and hip hop scene.

Soullone has released previous albums such as “Star Material”, “I’m Broke Like You But I sound Like This”, “Let’s Make History”, “The Future Of Hip Hop”, “West Coast Underground Fire” and “The Greatest Story Never Told” which was the first of his albums. Soullone’s music is being sold in mom and pop stores nationwide and is playing shows in Georgia (The Gate in Atlanta), Indiana (Jaerilees Pub), Pennsylvania (Kimballs Pub, Williams, Pa.) and California.

Soullone has opened for Twista, Dub-c and Crucial Conflict. He has also collaborated with artist such as Wakka Flakka and has received monitored radio play on 93.5fm K-day Los Angeles.

“I have my own identity and there will never be another artist that sounds like Soullone. I have been in the East Coast, West, North and South - so I have a sound that can be listened to anywhere and it reflects in my music”.

You can listen to and/or purchase any of his music by logging onto the following websites:



www.promofm.com (Search: Soullone)

Soullone is currently working with A & R Select based in West Hollywood, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. For additional information, please contact them at:



Years of Struggle Cover
  • Years of Struggle
  • Hip Hop/Rap, Christian/Gospel
  • Various Artists
  • 09/18/2006
  • Years of Struggle
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