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Thee Swank Bastards

Thee Swank Bastards

Rumor has it, or damned near insists that a music fan will rarely come across anything fresh or innovative anymore. So where does a surf trio from Las Vegas come in? Simple, by offering one of the most fervent, insistent live sets ever witnessed by a partygoer worth their weight in beer suds!

Now for those who thought the surf scene was bottoming out, Thee Swank Bastards have definitely been on hand to rev it back up again. With their distinctively retro look: mutton chops, narrow ties, black suits; countered with riveting instrumentals that combine danceable rhythms, Eric Schauer’s syncopated drum patterns, Shaun Coleman’s propulsive bass lines, and best of all – the serpentine guitar licks of Jesse Del Quadro, create a musical sensibility that is at once deft and daring. In the end, their genius speaks for itself. They manage to take the period fetishism of old-school surf music and distill it with a modern twist that makes them instantly melodic and highly memorable.

Now if you haven’t experienced the Bastards before – what are you waiting for? These lads just have so much musical suss, wit and magic for the asking!!! What are you waiting for buy their stuff!!!

Get Intimate... Cover
  • Get Intimate...
  • Rock
  • Thee Swank Bastards
  • 10/16/2009
  • Get Intimate...
Liner Notes: These are the 6 original compositions from the 2004 release Get Intimate.
  1. Getaway Car
  2. Wetter Is Better
  3. Wet Man Blues
  4. Fuzzy Britches
  5. Just Stick the Tip In
  6. What's Your Favorite Flavor Tang?
High Tides Cover
  • High Tides
  • Rock
  • Thee Swank Bastards
  • 05/30/2009
  • High Tides
Liner Notes:
  1. High Tide On Neptune
  2. Apple Jack Flash
  3. Cunttree In the Cowgirl
  4. Baile del Gusano
  5. Rubber Band
  6. Ride It Hang Seven
  7. Threeway On the Freeway
  8. One Mo Time
  9. Radioactive Rhumba (Eric Schauer's Wild Ride)