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The Gates of Slumber

“huge riffs, demonic growls and sword-sharp solos…these battle-ready warriors hail from the

hellish outlands” – SPIN

"Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That's what's important! Valor pleases you, Crom... so grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to HELL with you! "

– Conan the Barbarian

Doom doyens The Gates Of Slumber are poised to unleash their hotly-anticipated fifth

full-length album The Wretch on (release date?). Featuring eight slabs of punishing doom

and titanic true metal, The Wretch is the Indianapolis trio’s finest work to date. Recorded

during the cold British winter of 2010 at Orgone Studios, London and produced by Jaime

Gomez Arellano, the album sees the band taking their trademark blend of skull-crushing

riffs and pounding rhythms to new heights and marks a return to the slower all-out doom

tempos of their early albums.

From the funereal crawl of opener ‘Bastards Born’ and the title track, to the pounding

stomp of the ‘Scovrge ov Drvnkenness’ and ‘To The Rack With Them’, and the

epic ‘Castle of the Devil’, The Wretch is a future classic featuring outstanding

performances and some of the heaviest metal of 2011.

The Gates of Slumber was put together back in 1998 by guitarist/vocalist Karl Simon,

who worked with various line-ups and recorded several demos before the band’s debut

album …The Awakening emerged in 2004. The following year the band recorded the EP

Like a Plague Upon The Land and mounted their first European tour with Thee Plague Of


2006 saw the release of both the God Wills It EP and the band’s second full-length album

Suffer No Guilt which increased their following still further within the doom and true

metal scenes. Various US dates with Earthride and Slough Feg followed. The band then

headed back to Europe to support Reverend Bizarre on their Death March farewell tour.

In 2007 the band embarked on another European tour which included a headline

appearance at Germany’s prestigious Doom Shall Rise festival, the biggest event of

its kind in the world. Produced by the acclaimed Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium, Lair

Of The Minotaur, Pelican), the band’s third album Conqueror was released in 2008 to

rave reviews while the video clip for the track Trapped in the Web enjoyed rotation on

MTV2. The band then staged an extensive US tour before commencing work on their

fourth album and Rise Above debut Hymns Of Blood And Thunder which was released in

September 2009. Once again produced by Sanford Parker, Hymns Of Blood And Thunder

garnered the best reviews of the band’s career including album of the month in Decibel

who stated “The Gates Of Slumber have quietly gone about the business of becoming one

of the best heavy metal bands in the world.”

2010 saw US dates with doom legends Pentagram and a full US tour with Weedeater

followed by UK and European treks supporting Cathedral. Upon their return to the States

drummer ‘Iron’ Bob Fouts left to be replaced by ‘Cool’ Clyde Paradis (ex-Sourvein) who

made his live debut during an Autumn US tour.

“We’re stoked about the future of The Gates Of Slumber with the addition of ‘Cool’

Clyde on drums,” commented bassist Jason McCash. “All three of us are speaking the

same language and have the same focus and drive; the legion has become one. It’s like

having an adrenaline shot to the heart and exhaling for the first time afterwards, seeing

new possibilities. For us as a band, the best is yet to come.”

THE GATES OF SLUMBER features: Karl Simon (guitars/vocals), Jason McCash (bass) and

Cool Clyde (drums)


Blood Encrusted Deth Axe (demo 2000), Sabbath Witch (demo 2002), The Cloaked Figure (demo 2004), Chariots Arrive Again Vol.2 Comp, 2004 (Forshadow Productions), The Awakening (2004, Final Chapter), A Dark World Comp (2004, Final Chapter), Like a Plague upon the Land EP (2005, Hellride Music), God Wills It 12" EP, (2006, Slumbering Souls Records), Suffer No Guilt (2006, I Hate Records), Villain, Villain 2LP compilation (2007, Metal Supremacy), The Gates of Slumber / The Dream is Dead split EP, 2007 (Relapse Records), Constant Migraine Comp CD (2007, Constant Migraine Records), From Ultima Thule (Split CD with Spiritus Mortis; 2007, Emissary Records), From Ultima Thule (Box Set w/cassette) split with Spiritus Mortis (2007, Emissary Records), Conqueror (2008, Profound Lore Records), Hymns of Blood & Thunder (2009, Rise Above Records), The Wretch (2011, Rise Above Records)

The Awakening Cover
  • The Awakening
  • Heavy Metal, Rock
  • The Gates Of Slumber
  • 08/24/2010
  • The Awakening
Liner Notes: This was originally released on the now defunct Final Chapter Records. The CD version is complete out of print.
  1. Resurrection from the Underworld
  2. The Awakening (Interpolating the Wrath of the Undead)
  3. The Judge
  4. The Jury
  5. Broken On the Wheel
  6. The Executioner
  7. Blessed Pathway to the Celestial Kingdom
  8. The Burial
  9. The Cloaked Figure