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The SouL

The SouL

The SouL is a music project created by me - songwriter/producer Nick Myer aka The SouL. Older versions of these songs were briefly let loose to a free listening internet public a while back on mp3.com and the like. "The SouL" (an aka of mine not to be confused with a Japanese band of the same name) is one of several songwriting projects I am involved in.

I am currently working on a collaboration project and all is going very well indeed..

As far as genre goes with my composing, it's flexible...so don't expect samey at all times from me...

Hopefully though, all with melody and souL which can include some ballads, pop/RnB kinda thang, 4 on the floor electronic pop dance songs and melodic chillout tunes. Anything I can conjure up really that I happen to want to do at the time..and that reflects my broad taste. It's really about trying to create songs that I feel can offer something special to the listening melody appreciating public.

I frequently re-invent my old material and constantly work on new material, having built up an archive of over 150 original songs. I mainly compose for female vocals , including some from Fliss (one of many cameo role singers) and even myself sometimes (that'll be male)..

Hopefully my songs for whatever project I am working on, will be a platform to expose new singers too for a variety of my original material and original collaborative material.

I am working on a new collaboration song project right now to add to the news & all is going very well indeed...

Hoping all hits the Big wide world out there..at some point/s in the not too distant future.. or even now by the time you're reading this..

Thanks for reading..