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Tim Bliven

Tim Bliven

Tim Bliven is a songwriter, guitarist with several projects going.. This Solo Project has the songs "Forefathers" which is an educational look at our founding fathers.. "Northern Baked" which is life in Alaska.. "Southern Fried" Mardi Gra time.. "Let's Go" which is fast from start to go.. This CD will make you laugh, sing and dance.. Tim is also the founder of the Rock Group "NW Outlaws" that he founded back in 2006, A CD with Ivan de Prume of White Zombie has been made called "Devil's Hand" which will be available Nov 2011 Which is alot heavier then Tim's solo project but still goes in all styles from Metal to Blues.. check out the NW Outlaws @ www.myspace.com/nwoutlaws www.facebook.com/nwoutlaws

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