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Vinyl Sun

Vinyl Sun

Vinyl Sun

Canadian power rock band Vinyl Sun reissue of their single releases of 'Angel', 'Denied', 'Love' and 'Times On My Side' all digitally remastered 2012.

Album tracks from the debut Vinyl Sun album 'Life Inside Lucy.'

The album title "Life Inside Lucy' is a loose reference to the 'Lucy' from The Beatle's song 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds'. This particular Beatle song has often been suggested to be a coded reference to LSD as John Lennon's visual lyrics created a surreal and imaginative world for its listener. 'Vinyl Sun' used this as a theme to tie the tracks from their album 'Life Inside Lucy' together by imagining how this fictional character from 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' might view the modern world around her.

The album track 'Angel' has often been misrepresented or incorrectly labelled as a 'Nine Inch Nails' song on the internet. It has gone onto reach both notoriety and popularity on the internet with increased interest and debate regarding the origins of the song.

Available on iTunes & Amazon. Search YouTube for Video of Angel by Vinyl Sun

This Little Girl (The Sequel) Cover
  • This Little Girl (The Sequel)
  • Pop, Vocal
  • Vinyl Sun
  • 07/20/2012
  • This Little Girl (The Sequel)
Liner Notes: Anthem to Beatlemania - 'This Little Girl (The Sequel)'; written and recorded by Vinyl Sun as a homage to The Beatles and the unbridled enthusiasm spawned by the fans and Beatlemania in general. The sequel reference after the title of the song is a nod to The Beatles track, 'This Boy' to which the song has so much in common but that is also a reference to the fans of those lads from Liverpool that generated such hysteria long before the genius of The Beatles had flourished. 'This Little Girl' is an anthem to all the girls of that era forever lost in the magic of that moment in time.
  1. This Little Girl (The Sequel)