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The music of Wesley Putnam

Songs that will draw you to the heart of God. "Treasures" is our newest release, with songs that explore what's really important in life. "Ageless Worship" is new renditions of old favorite hymns that are beautifully and tastefully done.

"Amazing Love" is a total remake of hymns by Charles Wesley. The theology of his hymns remains, but the melodies and lyrics are new.

"Heal our Land" is a collection of original tunes from Wesley. Enjoy.

"Live the Day" is a collection of original tunes that will cause you to worship and reach out for more of God.

"Songs for the Quest" is a delightful way for children to learn Bible facts. Children as young as 2 have learned all the books of the Bible by simply singing along.

"Hope of the World" was released in 1989 and is a call to whole hearted commitment to Christ who gives us all a reason to hope in a world filled with uncertainty.

"The Battle's On" was released in 1987 and had several songs that received nationwide airplay on contemporary Christian radio. Upbeat and very relevant to our walk of Discipleship today.