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Alan AtKisson

Alan AtKisson

Recently released: American Troubadour (2014), Alan's sixth album on Rain City Records.

To see Alan's whole discography, scroll down.

"Set the World Right Again," from American Troubadour, was selected by the UNFCCC as a "Climate Song of the Week for Paris" in advance of the UN climate summit.


Alan has been performing professionally since the age of 18, when he began singing in show bands in New Orleans. He cut his teeth as a guitarist-troubadour in the pubs of England at age 19 and 20. And through to his mid-20's – before leaving music and heading down the path of becoming a globe-trotting sustainability expert – Alan and his bands were regular performers on both the rock and folk circuit in New York City.

Then in 1992, when asked to substitute for Wangari Maathai (the Nobel Peace Prize winner) as a keynote speaker, Alan took a risk and added songs to his speech. After the success of that experiment, music surged back into Alan's personal and professional life ... and became a regular part of his work with audiences around the world.

With the simultaneous release of two CDs in 1997, "Testing the Rope" (a spare-yet-sparkling singer-songwriter album) and "Whole Lotta Shoppin' Goin' On" (a popular comedy-song collection, with an environmental message), Alan's music career took flight again.

The release of his first book, "Believing Cassandra" (1999) was accompanied by a musical album with the same title. Believing Cassandra combined 10 new songs with 3 "classics" from his previous two albums. Long out of print as a CD, Believing Cassandra (the album) is once again available as a digital download.

In 2006, Alan released a home-demo album of songs written around the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke (as translated by Joanna Macy and Anita Barrows). Originally recorded in the year 2000, "Falcon, Storm, or Song" was the soundtrack for a one-man musical play about Rilke's life that Alan wrote and performed in the late 1990s.

But after years of producing and releasing small-scale singer-songwriter albums, Alan's new album is a "quantum leap upward" in terms of sound. "There are some remarkable people playing and singing with me on this album," says Alan. "It's both a joy and an honor to be supported by some of Sweden's best, and even legendary, musical artists."

Whole Lotta Shoppin' goin' on Cover
  • Whole Lotta Shoppin' goin' on
  • Comedy, Folk
  • Alan AtKisson
  • 07/19/2008
  • Whole Lotta Shoppin' goin' on
  1. Dead Planet Blues
  2. Hormone Havoc (The Endocrine Disruptor Song)
  3. Whole Lotta Shoppin' goin' on
  4. The Strangely Popular Lichen Song
  5. Extinction Blues
  6. The Parachuting Cats
  7. The "Gdp Song", or Why the Gross Domestic Product ...
Testing the Rope Cover
  • Testing the Rope
  • Folk, Vocal
  • Alan AtKisson
  • 07/20/2008
  • Testing the Rope
Liner Notes: Rain City Records, 1997. All songs copyright Alan AtKisson, music and lyrics. Produced for Rain City Records by M.S. Peg AtKisson. Recorded by Bill Mason at Second Story Studios, Boston. Alan AtKisson - guitar and vocals M.S. Peg AtKisson - backing vocals, percussion Joel White - bass
  1. Balaton
  2. Moon's Best Friend
  3. Everything Is New
  4. Nothin' at All
  5. Dungeness
  6. Zen Bones
  7. Ghost Story
  8. Diamonds and Rubies
  9. Time Stands Still
  10. Love-Lovin' lover
  11. The Waterfall
  12. Lifeline (Instrumental)
Falcon, Storm, or Song: Twelve Songs from Rilke's Book of Hours Cover
  • Falcon, Storm, or Song: Twelve Songs from Rilke's Book of Hours
  • Folk, Christian/Gospel
  • Alan AtKisson
  • 07/23/2008
  • Falcon, Storm, or Song: Twelve Songs from Rilke's Book of Hours
  1. I Live My Life
  2. Dark Hours
  3. Anxious One
  4. If I Had Grown
  5. I'm Slipping
  6. What Will You Do, God
  7. I Have Hymns
  8. I Come Home
  9. God Speaks
  10. I'm Still the One
  11. No One Lives His Life
  12. Extinguish My Eyes
Believing Cassandra - The Album Cover
  • Believing Cassandra - The Album
  • Singer/Songwriter, Folk
  • Alan AtKisson
  • 08/18/2013
  • Believing Cassandra - The Album
  1. Cassandra's Lyre
  2. Trying to Be Happy in a Crazy World
  3. Sustainability (Generations)
  4. System Zoo
  5. Iona
  6. What Kind of World
  7. I Love, Therefore I Am
  8. Exponential Growth
  9. Extinction Blues
  10. Dead Planet Blues
  11. Balaton
  12. I Volunteer
  13. If the Trees Were the People
American Troubadour Cover
  • American Troubadour
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Alan AtKisson
  • 05/15/2014
  • American Troubadour
  1. American Troubadour
  2. Entebbe Blues
  3. Going to the Top
  4. Set the World Right Again
  5. Maxie (The Manatee)
  6. I'll Be
  7. Isn't There Someone Here
  8. Midsummer Island (Surrounded by Beauty)
  9. Debris
  10. The Last Dice
Ancient History: Demos & Studio Recordings 1982-1995 Cover
  • Ancient History: Demos & Studio Recordings 1982-1995
  • Singer/Songwriter, Folk
  • Alan AtKisson
  • 04/26/2014
  • Ancient History: Demos & Studio Recordings 1982-1995
  1. Whitewing (Icarus & Daedalus) (1982)
  2. Life Has Told Me (1983)
  3. Epiphany Dream (Fast Folk Version) (1986) [feat. Judith Zweiman]
  4. Invisible Man (1983) [feat. Local Colour]
  5. Romance (1986)
  6. The Children's Writer
  7. To Sail! (1983)
  8. Gallipoli (A Soldier's Diary) (1991)
  9. Earthenware Waltz (1993)
  10. Reverend Mother (The Seer) (1995)
  11. I Love, Therefore I Am (1994 Demo Version)
Set the World Right Again Cover
  • Set the World Right Again
  • Singer/Songwriter, Rock
  • Alan AtKisson
  • 08/12/2015
  • Set the World Right Again
  1. Set the World Right Again