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Mauro is back... along with his "brash and brassy" big band sound!

Mauro is back... along with his "brash and brassy" big band sound!

"This music has the spark of Setzer, the soul of Sinatra and a style that is unmistakenly Mauro". Mauro writes and sings the music - all new, all original. It's an irresistible combination of captivating lyrics, an unforgettable voice and sounds that will move you.

Mauro works with producer and musician Mike Penny of Non-Cents productions to create a symphonized and synthesized "brash and brassy" big band sound.

* Jump and jive to a boogie?! It happens everytime you listen to "Five O'clock Boogie"

* Swing to "Eighty six" and "Tell the Man in the Moon"

* The party bumps with "Our Shack is Shakin'"

* Draw your partner near with "You, Wonderful You"

* Cozy up to jazz with "The Angel in Her (Brings Out the Devil in Me)"

* Plus, much more...

Directions: Place your mouse over the Artist's Widget (below), click on a song and enjoy the music - it's FREE for the listening.

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Thanks for listening.

I hope that you enjoy the music.

Anthony Mauro